Callpod Fueltank Portable Charger

Aron Schatz
May 21, 2009
Callpod Fueltank Portable Charger
The Callpod Fueltank offers a large capacity battery to charge two mobile devices at the same time. It works well at the task it was designed to do.

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It happens to people daily. You go somewhere with your mobile device and it runs out of power without a AC outlet in sight. You should have charged your device enough to handle the situation... Or you could invest in the Callpod Fueltank which would handle that situation with ease. Think of the Fueltank as an extra large battery backup unit for your other portable devices. Now those pesky long night outings at the coffee shop won't stop you from browsing the mobile web due to no power. The Fueltank is design for portable devices (like phones, MP3 players, etc) and not laptops. Still, it is a very useful product.

About Callpod


Callpod is a creator of innovative mobile devices and software. We produce award-winning power products, wireless headsets, mobile conferencing systems and mobile software applications for professionals.



It is always nice to see how different companies market their product on retail shelves. Callpod uses the black themed box with clear plastic to showoff the product.



Callpod packages a few parts in addition to the Fueltank itself. There is an AC adapter (mini-USB), a mini-USB charging adapter, a carrying case, a manual, and a coupon for a free device adapter. The device adapters are available for Callpod and cost about $10.


ASE Labs was sent two additional micro-USB adapters for charging a Blackberry Storm and a Motorola RAZR2 phone which worked fine with the Fueltank at the same time. In the shot above, you can see the included mini-USB adapter and the micro-USB adapter that was sent extra. You can select your own free adapter by using the coupon and Callpod has many available adapters for mobile devices.


Unfortunately, the Fueltank doesn't use a standard type of connection for the adapters. Instead it uses a proprietary type "Callpod" connector. It would be beneficial and easier if these devices had standard USB ports that most devices now charge with. The company probably makes some lucrative revenue on the additional charging cables, though. Still, it is a design decision that would have made the product much better.



Strangely enough, you won't see the product name anywhere on the device. You see the company name etched into the unit, but not the actual name of the product. It is a bit weird to see a product that doesn't want to brand itself out in the open. Regardless, the unit is basically a big battery. It 4300 mAh lithium Ion power source. At that rating, it is about the size of two good capacity rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. Though, there is versatility with the Fueltank.


The bottom of the unit contains the various certifications and such as well as the screws to get to the internals of the unit (it is a battery and some electronics).



One end of the device has a button to show the charge of the unit. It actually takes a bit of force to push it in and once you do, you are presented with a colorful LED representation of the power level. Shown here is a full charge. The unit takes about 2.5 hours to charge when empty. On the same side as the button is the mini-USB plug for charging the device with the included mini-USB AC adapter.


When you plug the adapters into the Fueltank, the individual ports light up showing you that the unit is giving power to the device. This happens even when a device isn't attached to the plug itself. It is more like a notification that power is available. The Fueltank handled a Blackberry Storm by itself for an entire week of standard use. This is very impressive. It had juice to spare and charged a Motorola RAZR2 a bit (not fully after that week, but good enough). If you don't have outlets available, the Fueltank is an excellent addition to have along.


The Callpod Fueltank is a good product to add to your excursions away from power outlets. With the ability to give you the needed boost of power, your portable devices could last for days without touching the normal AC outlet. Just make sure you remember to charge the Fueltank instead. Checking the latest pricing, the »Fueltank is coming in at around $50. The MSRP is around $70, but at $50 with a free charging cable it is a pretty good deal.

It is nice to be able to carry extra juice for multiple devices. You could bring the Fueltank to charge your phone and headset or other gadgets at the same time. We are moving to a world that needs to be wireless and those devices require power. Charge them up with the Callpod Fueltank.

ASE Labs would like to thank Callpod for making this review possible.


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