PC Toys Dual Blue Cathode Kit

Aron Schatz
January 6, 2003
Two blue cathodes for $28, what more can you ask for? The quality is good also!
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I had another case that I wanted lights for, so I went to CompUSA to get one of their $20 things. When I actually went to purchase it, I saw a dual cold cathode kit for $28. I figured it was a better bargain. I was right.

<B>The Package</B>:

<center>Dual Blue Box</center>

I wouldn't call this a box per se. It is, though. Anyway, it is nice and clear to show you what you get. At least you can tell if your getting a complete product.

<B>The Parts</B>:

<center>Dual Blue Parts</center>

It's what's inside the package that counts! (I said that before huh?) Open the box and you'll find the dual cathodes and some other stuff. Stuff, the inverter, a one page manual thingy, some zip ties and some pads. The brightness of the cathode is 29000cd/m^2 avg. Meaning, VERY BRIGHT. There are no detachable things like on the <a href="/articles.php?id=46">CompUSA cold cathode kit</a>, so your gonna need to do some splicing and dicing if you need to replace something. <b>UPDATE</b>: Thanks to Da' Nacho, he told me that the inverter can be snapped off pretty easily and the wires are all detachable. Thanks for the heads up! I just checked it and it is pretty easy.

<B>More on the Parts</B>:

<B>The Cathodes</B>:

<center>Dual Blue Off</center>

The Cathodes are very well constructed, it is wired on one end with cubes of acrylic. The tube is blue, so the cathode may be white. It is insanely bright, brighter than the green and red ones I have.

<B>The Inverter</B>:

<center>Dual Blue Inverter</center>

The inverter is one solid piece. The wires all go into the inverter with no sign of heatshrink. I like this, all contained. It has six holes for releasing the heat that it produces.

<B>The Pads</B>:

<center>Dual Blue Pads</center>

Here is the part I don't like. To secure the cathodes in place, you'll need to use these pads and zip tie them to the ends of the cathode. Bad move. I don't like it. The inverter is okay, a piece of sticky velcro holds that.


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