Kingston 19-in-1 USB Card Reader FCR-HS219/1

Aron Schatz
January 28, 2009
Kingston 19-in-1 USB Card Reader FCR-HS219/1
Kingston is known for producing excellent DRAM products and this card reader continues the trend for the company.

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It is a well known fact that Kingston produces a multitude of products all having to do with memory. In this circle, Kingston is known as an enthusiast memory manufacturer. ASE Labs is moving to more consumer electronics coverage and everyone needs a card reader. The FCR-HS219/1 is the model number for the Kingston 19-in-1 USB card reader.



Kingston is sticking with the Mac looking white theme in the ever popular blister packaging. Hands beware when opening this tamper resistant packaging. Interesting enough, Kingston usually lists Linux support on the packaging but it was strangely absent from this product. It does work fine on Linux.



The reader comes with a USB extension cable and a warranty statement. There are instructions on the inside of the packaging but it will basically say plug in and insert flash card.



The reader has a gray theme and contains the red Kingston head which serves double duty as a indicator light for activity and to push out the card reading section. This card reader actually has two settings and it is a very good idea.


When not in use, the ports on the reader stay recessed inside and protected from grubby hands along with protection from other environmental hazards. It is very easy to engage the reader for use.


Everything seems to be made in China. Along with that tidbit, the unit has the normal certifications and listings on the bottom label. There are rubber strips to prevent the reader from slipping on desks and since it is very light, it needs them to stay put.


Pushing the Kingston head down and sliding forward brings the card ports out to bear. The reader accommodates a wide range of cards including some that you might not see like being able to support MicroSD and MMCmicro directly. That is certainly a good feature with all the phones that take that card type. The fact that it can take MicroSD directly without a conversion card is great.


Engaging the unit also pops out the built in USB cable resting in the back. This is a standard cable that can directly plug into a computer. This is why the unit comes with an extension cable. I like this design over using a mini-USB cable since you don't need to bring an extra cable with you when lugging around a laptop. That is always a bonus when traveling.


We performed a number of objective and subjective tests on the Kingston reader. Most readers on the market today can more than handle the cards that are released on the market. The range of high speed cards (all SD(HC)) in use at ASE Labs was no problem for the reader as was comparable with similar products. Performance won't be a problem with this unit. Card readers have been out for a long time and this stuff is gravy for the products.


The Kingston 19-in-1 USB card reader performs as expected and has a few extra features that make it a winner over competing products. This product sells for about $20 which is an excellent price for a card reader of this caliber. You get a well designed product that can directly take a widely used phone memory (MicroSD) without an adapter which is one of the best features of this reader.

ASE Labs would like to thank Dave from Kingston for making this review possible.


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