Spam CounterStrike

November 27, 2002
How do you win the war on Spam? With a Spam CounterStrike, of course.
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<B>Getting Spammed :</B>
Everyday I get some 30 to 60 e-mails. Only about 5 of them are of any use to me and the rest I now consider Spam. These 'Spams' are from my erratic perusing of the Internet. Clicking on this site, signing up for e-mail of potentially interesting items or entering some contest. (Waste of time you say, but someone has to win those contests!) Some Spams are from the original site I visited, but a lot are from 'list resellers.'

I have tried to terminate most of those by selecting the unsubscribe option, but half the time I get a redirect or some other error. Even on the occasion I get a valid 'unsubscribe' response, I still get e-mails for several days as they 'update' their list or they did the resell on me.

<B>Fight Back :</B>
Well, I got tired of all this and decided it was time to find a way to fight back. First choice was to change my e-mail address, but then I would spend the next month wondering why my friends don't send me any correspondence. Also, the very time consuming task of having to reset all my vendor accounts. A great big undertaking, but probably will only give me a short reprieve until I start getting the Spam again.

A better way is to get a program that will monitor incoming mail and automatically redirect the Spam. After several days spent perusing the Internet {again} I found <a href="">Spam CounterStrike</a>. I requested an evaluation copy and found out that they were getting ready to release an update. This gave me the chance to help with the beta testing and to learn more of the company.



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