Xoxide Variable 4 Port Baybus

Aron Schatz
November 22, 2002
There are many Baybuses around, but have you ever seen one with a variable adjustment? Xoxide delivers, but is it all that great?
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You all know about <a href="http://www.xoxide.com">Xoxide</a> cases by now. A baybus allows you to control a number of things that run off the 12v lines in the case. This is the first one I've seen that is variable speed! By the way, this is the first article to use the new image functions on the site. That is why there are thumbnails and other cool stuff!

<B>The Stuff</B>:

Packaging Box

Here we have the box and the packaging. As usual, Xoxide does a good job in keeping the insides save from UPS death. UPS has sent some stuff that had bents and other things in the box, this is important that Xoxide has good packing protection.


Here are the parts that are in the box. You have two papers for instructions (that are useless), a Y power connector, some screws, and the baybus. The reason the instructions are pretty much useless is that the unit is fully assembled. The actual product is made by Sunbeam, which ships it in parts. Remember, Xoxide is a modding company.

<B>The Baybus</B>:

Face Top View

Here we have the front and top views of the baybus. As you can see, it fits in the 5 1/4 inch bay (hence Baybus). This goes perfect in an Aluminum case. It didn't look bad in my black case either, but your tastes may vary. There is a major downside to this baybus. The fan power connectors are screw down wire leads. That means, you'll either do some molex modding, or splice/cut your fan wires. This is a large negative. Let me show you how I conquered this problem without messing up my fans.


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