Sapphire Edge HD4 Mini PC

Aron Schatz
May 14, 2013
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Edge HD4
Sapphire Edge HD4 Mini PC
The Sapphire Edge HD4 may not be a powerhouse computer, but it does what it needs to do in a small form factor.

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Sapphire is a well known manufacturer of AMD video cards. It is actually one of the top brands and we've reviewed a few of their products in the past. This latest product is a completely new category. Instead of focusing on the parts market, the Sapphire Edge HD4 is a mini-PC, fully complete. Mini-PCs are all the rage right now and most are a mixed bag between features, design, cooling effectiveness, and speed. The HD4 is a buy it and go type of product. No assembly required.

About Sapphire


SAPPHIRE Technology was first formed as a manufacturer and global supplier of graphics cards when ATI (now a division of AMD) adopted the Add-in Board partner (AIB) model for delivering its technology to market. SAPPHIRE has consistently been the market leader with its graphics products. More recently the SAPPHIRE product range has been extended to include a broad range of mainboards and a number of solutions including the award-winning SAPPHIRE EDGE Series of Mini PCs.

This year, SAPPHIRE celebrates 10 years of trading, bringing our successful mix of innovation and customer satisfaction to the global market. During that time we have introduced a number of innovations to the graphics market that are still reflected in our product line-up today.



The retail packaging of the Edge HD4 is dark with blue accents. The front of the box shows some of the features it supports including HDMI and USB 3.


The rear has a nice image of the back of the HD4 showing the available ports and additional product information.


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