Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Aron Schatz
May 2, 2013
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Mechanical keyboards are back. The Logitech G710+ combines Logitech quality with low noise mechanical switches for a superior keyboard experience.

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ASE Labs is no stranger to Logitech input devices. We have reviewed many keyboards and mice from the company and from others. We pride ourselves on being objective as possible so you can make the best purchase decision possible. The G710+ is different than Logitech products in the past. Sure, it is a keyboard. But, if you look deeper, the keyboard hearkens back to an older, more robust time in computing. Yes, this keyboard contains mechanical switches for each key. Unlike the old mechanical keyboards of the past, this has a more subdued sound and a very quick action compared to the traditional membrane keyboards you may be used to using.

About Logitech


Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in 1981 with mice, which (new at the time) provided a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. We became the worldwide leader in computer mice, and have reinvented the mouse in dozens of ways to match the evolving needs of PC and laptop users.

Since those early days, we have expanded our expertise in product design beyond the computer mouse, with a broad portfolio of interface devices that are the “last inch” between you and your computer or your console game, digital music or home-entertainment system.

With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech’s leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals (both cordless and corded), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control.

For each of our product categories, we study how our customers use their digital devices, and then our designers and engineers set their sights on how we can create a better experience with those devices – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.




The new G-Series boxes from Logitech are black with accents of blue. They show a partial inside view of the keyboard. The retails box does not highlight enough of the fact that this is a mechanical keyboard. This should be blazon across the box in spots. This is the primary differentiator verse other keyboards in the series.


Again, the back does not give a big enough mention that this is a mechanical keyboard.
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  • Part Number - 920-003887
  • Warranty Information - 3-year Limited hardware warranty
  • System Requirements
    Windows® 8, Windows® 7, or Windows Vista®
    Two USB ports
    70 MB of available hard disk space
  • Package Contents
    Palm rest
    User documentation

These are taken from http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g710plus-mechanical-gaming-keyboard which actually doesn't list many specifications about the keyboard. Logitech should be listing more (like the switch type, temperature range, MTBF (in key clicks), etc).

Marketing Summary


Tactile, high-speed mechanical keys

The mechanical keys on G710+ deliver gaming-grade responsiveness and tactile feedback superior to rubber-domed keys. With an actuation force and distance of 45 g and 4 mm, respectively, the keys are optimized for rapid command entry. Plus, the keys have been tested for durability to a 50 million cycle life.

Whisper-quiet keys

Quiet, non-clicking key switches and a built-in dampening ring underneath each keycap significantly reduce the distracting noise coming from your keypresses— without sacrificing responsiveness.

Adjustable dual-zone backlighting

Easily locate keys—even in low light. The entire keyboard is backlit in white LED light and adjustable to one of four brightness levels, plus “Off”. For better visibility of the WASD and arrow keys, their brightness can be adjusted independently from the rest of the keyboard.

Instant media access

Convenient one-touch controls give you instant access to volume control and media playback without needing to press a function key.

Six programmable G-keys

With three macros per G-key, you can configure up to 18 individual functions per game.* Harness the power of G-keys to configure single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts on the fly and quickly simplify actions to stay immersed in your game and never lose a step. You can even create macros on the fly.

*G-key programming requires Logitech Gaming Software, available at gaming.logitech.com/support.

Game mode switch

You’re about to record a record high number of perfect headshots when an accidental keystroke sends you on an unplanned and unwanted trip to your desktop. Don’t let this kind of mistake ruin your streak—easily disable the Windows key with one button so your game won’t be interrupted.

26-key rollover

Multi-key input on the G710+ means complex moves can be executed exactly right every time. With 26-key rollover, press almost any number of keys plus modifier keys (Control, Alt, Shift) in any order and get exactly what you intended.

110 anti-ghosting keys

All 110 keys of the G710+ are calibrated to prevent anti-ghosting. During the heat of battle, you need to simultaneously run, strafe, select a weapon and open a door. Press and hold multiple keys simultaneously without fear of missing or unexpected keypresses.

USB pass-through

Easily connect your mouse, headset or other USB device via the G710+ Hi-Speed USB pass-through instead of searching for your computer’s USB port.

Removable palm rest

You’ve got extra support when you need it. Or simply detach the palm rest when it’s in the way.

Durable tilt legs

G710+ has superior durability in all aspects—and its tilt legs are no exception. The durable tilt legs provide stability and comfort even in your most intense gaming sessions.




The G710+ comes with the keyboard, some literature, and the wrist rest. The wrist rest is a staple on most Logitech keyboards, but we recommend that you purchase a wrist rest that you feel comfortable with. Don't skimp on input devices or things to make your computing experience more ergonomic.
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G710 Plus


This is the G710+. It has a black and gray motif with orange accents. Logitech should consider using red in its products (there is no personal opinion in this last statement at all). It is slightly larger than a standard, generic, keyboard that you'll find for under $10 at most places. The G15 was a test for the size that the market will bear and it was just too big for most desks.


The single row of programmable G keys are a welcome change to the series. The only gamers that like to have tons of programmable keys are MMO players that have complex series of key commands. The players that play FPS or even RTS don't bother programming that many keys. You are not going to be doing something like this in a FPS... Strafe left, duck, strafe left, jump, throw grenade, shoot three bullets. It just doesn't happen over and over again to program. RTS gamers should have plenty of programmability with 18 combos. MMO gamers may want more, but it still should be alright.

The WASD keys are gray while the rest of the keyboard (save for one additional spot) is black. It is sort of useful for gamers to initially find their hand placement. The only issue is that without the backlight, the gray colored keys do not have enough contrast with the clear character text. For touch typists, this doesn't matter at all.


The arrow keys are the second set of gray colored keys. Again, you can see the contrast of the key character isn't the best. That being said, these are arrow keys and it is trivial to use. The number pad has all the normal layouts and thankfully, the grouping of INS, DEL, Home, End, PG UP, PG DN are correct. There are six keys in this group and that always should be the case! The top of the keyboard has the media keys, dual zone backlight controls (to the left), and to the right, the volume controls.


When we first saw two USB cable, we thought this was due to power requirements of the keyboard. This is not the case. The G710+ supports USB pass-through. This is different than older products like the G110 which had a USB hub in the keyboard. Pass-through gives the device more power and doesn't share it with the keyboard. It is only USB 2.0, though. The USB plug is on the top of the keyboard.


The bottom of the keyboard has the keyboard legs, and rubber feet. It also has some industry logos and such. You can see some cable management for things like a USB headset.


Compared to a standard size DVD, the keyboard is a good size. It isn't too massive to fit on most desks and isn't overly chunky, even with the tapered sides.


This is where the cost of the keyboard is coming from. The G710+ uses Cherry MX Brown tactile mechanical switches. Buried under each of the normal keyboard keys (not the media or backlight keys) are a mechanical switch. This keyboard will last a very long time and can be easily cleaned out. Each key can be removed and replaced. An easily moddable keyboard? Yes, this is.

You can also see how the backlight of the keyboard works. Each switch has a LED embedded in it to provide light for each individual key. This allows each key to have uniform lighting.
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Logitech has been changing how they backlight their keyboards ever since the G15. The G19 had a crazy amount of customization, but most people want to be able to see their keys and that's all. This is how the keyboard looks in normal light and backlighting is off.


Now, the WASD and arrow keys are at 100%. This is the dual zone backlighting at work. You can control the gray keys as one group and the rest of the keyboard as another.


All the keys are 100% backlit.


The gray keys are still at 100% and the rest is at 50%. There are 5 levels of lighting for each group. 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and no lighting.


Remember that all input device reviews are largely subjective. While I may like the G710+, you may not. If you do want to purchase it, please be sure you can return it if you aren't comfortable with the product. Never sacrifice your wrists!

Let's get this out of the way. Mechanical keyboards are the best, period. If you never used an IBM Model M, you don't know what you missed... actually, now you can. Unlike the Model M, the G710+ uses a tactile switch that doesn't give that "click" sound each time you press on it. That being said, this keyboard is a bit more noisy than a membrane keyboard, but if you are a fast touch typist, this is the type of keyboard that will make you even faster.

Compare a mechanical switch to a membrane keyboard... On a membrane keyboard, the key press must be all the way to make contact with the bottom to register a keystroke. With a mechanical switch, it can be much less. This may seem like no big deal until you start typing on one and realize you don't need to force each key down all the way. If you are used to membrane keyboards, there is a slight learning curve in that you may hit a shift key too long or hit enter before you need to, but after the very brief period, you'll be amazed at how fast you can type and the ease at how little pressure you need to apply to each key.

This may be a "gaming" keyboard, and it excels at being that, but it is a fantastic example of just how input devices should be built. There is a trend of mechanical keyboard products coming out from multiple manufacturers and I will never purchase a membrane keyboard again, ever. It is that worth it.

If you used a Model M, don't worry, this doesn't use the Blue switches that give that hard tactile feedback and a loud click sounds. We are on the fence if this is a good or bad thing since we wanted to experience that feeling again, but we think that the more quiet Brown switch was a good choice.

You don't need to worry about ghosting or pressing as many keys as you can without them registering. This will handle all your keystrokes, period.
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Video Review


The Logitech G710+ retails for about $110 at the time of this review. We highly recommend this keyboard and there is nothing more to it than that. Logitech is a brand we trust and combing their stellar design and manufacturing with a mechanical switch system means that the G710+ will last a very long time. It will improve your touch typing ability and lead you to become a faster typist and a faster twitch gamer.

Mechanical keyboards are a blast from the past. They are also here to stay and if you've never used one, you are missing out. Go and try one today, the G710+ is an excellent example of old meets new in a great package. There are other companies making mechanical keyboards, but Logitech has been doing this for a long time and this is one of their finest products.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Logitech for making this review possible.


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