EnerPlex Kickr IV And Jumpr Solar Power Pack

Aron Schatz
March 13, 2013
Product Page
Kickr IV
Product Page
EnerPlex Kickr IV And Jumpr Solar Power Pack
With the recent storms that caused widespread power outages, emergency power solutions are now on many people's minds. Solar systems, like the one from EnerPlex, fills the USB solar charging needs and does it very well.

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Hurricane Sandy showed us many things. One of the important lessons learned was that power isn't always available at the flick of a switch. Many families suffered weeks of prolonged power outages. Think about not being able to turn lights on or even stay in contact with your friends and family. Do you have a cell phone? How long will it last without power? Think about that if you've never had a power outage.

Many people did plan ahead and have portable gas generators or more robust systems for backup. Some even had grid tied solar systems for their houses, but those were useless as the grid was down. Gas generators were great, except for the time when you had to get replacement gasoline. Long lines and shortages were the norm for many days. There are few technology that promise power without the need for fuel. None of them come close to the benefit of solar for a distributed application. After the storm, people realized that solar was a good backup plan for charging their portable devices.

The sun is always out in the sky, even if it is behind clouds. Pair a solar system up with a battery to collect the power when not charging and you've got yourself a good backup plan. EnerPlex, an Ascent Solar company, specializes in making products for the solar market. Kickr IV is their newest, flexible, solar panel system for powering USB capable devices. The Jumpr is the battery storage for saving that solar energy while your not using it. The pair go together so well that we thought to review both at the same time. Did we mention these panels are flexible?

About EnerPlex


EnerPlex represents the consumer side of Ascent Solar, integrating Ascent’s transformational CIGS technology into products which consumers use everyday. Through EnerPlex, Ascent has pivoted into the consumer space in order to put solar in the hands of every consumer. With an industry leading 11.4% conversion efficiency, Ascent’s solar modules provide the greatest power density and best power to weight ratio available on any solar form factor. These high efficiency modules allow EnerPlex products to provide a robust and mobile charging solution in any environment.



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