Antec 80mm TriLight LED Fan

Aron Schatz
November 2, 2002
With three LEDs and different colors, this fan is awesome.
Tags Cooling

Page 1: Intro, The Fan

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Originally, I wanted to get a CompUSA Cold Cathode. Some guy bought ALL of them out of the store at once. I ended up buying 2 Antec Tri-Led fans, and I am glad I did. It doesn't compare to a cathode, but it is a fan, and we all know we needs lots of fans!

<B>The Package</B>:

Here is a shot of the front and back of the package. It is all snazzy and stuff wouldn't you say? It caught my attention more than the Tri-Led Blue one, it was only blue Smile. On the back it gives you all the important stuff.

<center><img src=""></center>

<center><img src="">
<img src="">
You get the fan and some screws</center>

<B>The Fan</B>:

The fan itself is clear, which is new to me (but you've seen them everywhere lately). What is weird is that it feels more plasticy than a normal black fan. Now I know that sounds pretty stupid, but if you had one, you'd know what I mean. It is 80mm, normal size. The average speed of the fan is at a scant 2,600 RPMs. Air flow is 34CFM with a 30dBA noise. The fan is much more quiet than my Sunon 80mm, but you can tell that the airflow is less. Even so, I got these for the lights. My case was bare after my EL inverter burned out.

The power connector uses a normal molex connection, the problem is that it isn't a pass-through, so if your low or have no extra molex connections, it'll be hard to use this fan without a Y splitter. On the plus side, the wires are encased and it also has an RPM wire that goes to the header of your motherboard.


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