Apache + PHP + MySQL on Linux Guide

Aron Schatz
October 11, 2002
A step by step guide to installing apache, php, and MySQL on Linux.
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Page 1: Introduction, Before you start

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This guide is to help everyone setup a simple webserver with mysql and php support. I must admit that I'm also making this guide for myself. I forget how to setup everything correctly on different builds. Hopefully you will learn something from this article as I have. The Distro used is <a href="http://www.lycoris.com">Lycoris</a> (<a href="articles.php?id=36">Reviewed Here</a>Wink. Everything is compiled from the source. This is the way it should be, don't worry about RPMs. This will be as simple as possible. I made it step by step, and I threw in some pics as well.

<B>Before you get into it</B>:

To me, a test box that you control is easier to develop on than one you need to ftp to. I also crashed this webserver when I had a bad script, at least I can easily restart the test box and debug my script. If you have a website yourself, you probably would like to mimic its configuration. Check with your host to see what versions of MySQL, PHP, and Apache you have. For the purpose of this article, I used the following builds:

PHP: 4.2.0
MySQL: 3.23.43
Apache: 1.3.20

If you just want to have your own test box, download the latest versions of everything.


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