AquaStealth Giveaway Contest Rules Change

August 20, 2002
Want to cool that CPU? Just read on and get those fingers limbered up.
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<B>The Rules Have Changed :</B>
We have changed the rules for the contest. Please read on to find out the changes (and I so much wanted to read them essays).

<B>Celebration :</B>
As Aron has already alluded to in the News area we are coming up on our first year of serving the internet community. In honor of that milestone we are going to have a tremendous giveaway contest.
Brian at <a href="">BeCooling</a> has provided us with an AquaStealth water cooling kit with the winners choice of 3/8" or 1/2", black ice pro, delta fan, pvc tubing. This kit is similar to the one I posted an article for on May 24th, <a href="">AquaStealth Extreme II</a>.

<B>Rules :</B>
The contest giveaway will start immediately and the winner will be notified on Halloween, but it is not such a frightful experience. There are NOW two rules for the AquaStealth water cooler giveaway contest.

1 -- You must be a member, so <a href="/adduser.php">join up</a> and get in on the fun.
2 -- You must make 25 posts in any of the <a href="/forums/">forums</a>, but they must mean something. So just posting irrelevant gibberish will not count.

<B>Get Going :</B>
So that gives you over two months (from the posting date) to meet the requirements and I hope everyone enjoys the whole experience.

So pop over to <a href="">BeCooling</a> and take a look at all that Brian has to offer and then get those posts going.

<B>SHIPMENT NOTE :</B> Shipment costs outside the lower 48 states are the responsibility of the winner.


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