Logitech Wave Pro Desktop

Aron Schatz
October 2, 2008
Logitech Wave Pro Desktop
The Logitech Wave Pro Desktop is the next generation of Logitech products targeted at the consumer market. It is a good refresh of their older MX line of products.

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While Logitech is a company that graces ASE Labs' test bench often, it is not often that we get to see a highly targeted type of keyboard combo. The Logitech Wave Pro Desktop is targeted to the consumer market, unlike their G series products. Don't let that fool you. This combo has some good (and not so good) features that set it apart from its gaming brethren.



Logitech products are packaged in their distinct green and white boxes. The only products that deviate are the G series products and Mac stuff. It is this branding that keeps consumers buying those green boxes.



This is a bundle and has a keyboard and mouse included. Aside from those two basic parts, you get the manual/software, the USB receiver, the USB (micro) cable, and the AC adapter. Unlike many newer receivers, this is pure RF and doesn't try to do Bluetooth (badly) like other ones.


The USB charging cable is micro USB, but most of you won't need to bother using it. Even if you do, it is very handy about the way it charges.



We'll start with the mouse. The first thing you should see is that this mouse takes a page from a few previous lines such as the MX revolution, the MX700, and even the G7/G9. It is highly curved which means that it only works for right handed people. Left handed people need not apply for this kit. The single Logitech logo is white in the center of the mouse.


On the left side of the mouse are a few buttons and one hidden button. Can you spot it? It is on the thumbrest itself. When you hold the mouse, pushing down with your thumb is another button. That's a pretty handy button along with the usual other ones. The forward and backward buttons are included on this mouse.


The front of the mouse features the scroll wheel which is both ratcheting and free-scrolling by use of the button placed below it. This is better than the MX revolution tried to do automatically. The scroll wheel also tilts left and right. The left side (actually, right side in this image) features the DPI adjustment. We'll go into how the mouse works on that front later.


A profile shot of the mouse from the right side. This mouse has a "performance laser" in it that pretty much all Logitech mice have.


Moving on to the bottom of the mouse with it gutted open, you can see that this mouse uses a standard NiMH battery. This is a great thing for a few reasons. I've got about 20 spares NiMH batteries and a few chargers. I'll never be without a replacement. This is a huge improvement over normal internal batteries found on mice of this quality. The NiMH is a good one as well.


The mouse can act a charger for the NiMH battery house within. This is such a smart feature. If you run out of juice, you can plug in the included AC adapter OR you can make this a wired mouse! The only caveat is that the cable isn't that long so you'll need to have an extension unless you have a USB hub on your desk. Even so, this type of charging was an excellent idea from Logitech.
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