Icy Dock 3.5 Inch Screwless Internal HDD Enclosure MB672SKGF

Aron Schatz
August 18, 2008
Icy Dock 3.5 Inch Screwless Internal HDD Enclosure MB672SKGF
Icy Dock seems to make amazing products that work just as they are designed and marketed. It really is a breathe of fresh air when you pick up the 3.5 internal enclosure and it works perfectly.

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This is the second product from Icy Dock to pass by the Labs of ASE. In the »previous review, we saw that Icy Dock knows how to make an excellent product. Will the trend continue with the internal version of the screwless hard drive enclosure? The Icy Dock 3.5" Screwless SATA Internal Enclosure (MB672SKGF) hopes to earn a valuable 5.25" slot in computer and it did on mine.



The Icy Dock product is packaged in a normal cardboard box. This product was packaged with Eco-foam! Good stuff from Icy Dock. You could eat that stuff in a pinch.



Since this product is an internal drive, don't expect a bunch of extras. You get the enclosure, the screws, a manual, and a set of keys that lock the unit. The product is serial ATA, but also comes in SAS.


The unit itself fits in a 5.25" optical sized drive bay. For giving up a drive bay, you get an easy to use removable port for any serial ATA hard drive. In reality, most people have tons of 5.25" bays that aren't being used for anything except a waste of space. You could slip this unit in one of those bays to have an easy access SATA enclosure. The enclosure is hot swappable (every SATA thing is).


The unit features a few basics in the business end. The front controls the LCD and the three buttons for controls. The locking mechanism and door release are on the left of the unit. The release is an easy open and there is no way to quick lock the unit in place so make sure you keep the key handy to properly lock the drive in place. You don't want someone knocking the drive out from finding out what this lever does! The LCD and controls will be explained in the testing phase after the video supplement.


You pop the unit open by pulling the left side toward you when facing the unit. After the unit is opened, you pop the drive in and that's it. Really, it couldn't be simpler.


The back of the unit contains the jumpers for some options on the unit. You'll probably just leave it alone and hook the unit up as is. Interestingly, the unit uses an older 4-pin molex connection for power instead of the newer (standard hotswap) serial ATA power connector. Technically, it doesn't matter since the unit takes care of the proper serial ATA support. It was probably easier to use a 4-pin connection for the unit.
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