Antec Three Hundred Case

Aron Schatz
May 14, 2008
Antec Three Hundred Case
The Antec Three Hundred case is the newest child in the Hundred series of cases. It has minimal frills and gets the job done on a budget.

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Antec steps up to the plate to deliver a brand new case in the "Hundred" series. Betting on the success of the excellent Nine Hundred, Antec has released a lower end model dubbed, the Three Hundred. Known as the " Versatile Case," will the new case stand out from its bigger, badder brother? Probably not, but it is at a better price point that its sibling.



The Three Hundred is packed in an all black box just like the original Nine Hundred was.


The case itself was well protected and could easily survive a trip with a carrier of your choice (or doom).



Antec packaged a bunch of thumbscrews with the case since there is no removable drive bays. You'll have enough thumbscrews for about four cases past this one. Aside from the load of thumbscrews, there are a pack of regular screws and standoffs, a fan (due to a problem with the original fan in the case, you might not receive this fan), and the manual.



    * No Power Supply included:
      To optimize performance of your Three Hundred, your choice of power supply is crucial. Antec strongly recommends choosing from our NeoPower or TruePower series.
    * 9 Drive Bays:
      * External 3 x 5.25"
      * Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDD
    * Cooling System:
      * 1 rear 120 x 25 mm TriCool Fan with 3-speed switch control.
      * 1 top special 140 x 25 mm TriCool Fan with 3-speed switch control
      * 2 front (optional) 120 mm fans to cool the hard drives
      * 1 side (Optional) 120 x 25 mm Fan to cool graphic cards
    * Washable air filters reduces dust build up in your system, which helps keep your system cooler
    * Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
    * 7 expansion slots
    * Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
      * 2 x USB 2.0
      * HDA & AC’97 Audio In and Out
    * Unit dimensions:
      * 18" (H) x 18.3" (D) x 8.1" (W)
      * 45.8 (H) x 46.5 (D) x 20.5 cm (W)
    * Weight:
      * Net: 15.9lbs / 7.2kg
      * Gross: 18.7lbs / 8.5kg

Like the Nine Hundred, this case can support three optical drives and six hard drives. This is the only configuration you get since the Three Hundred does not contain those nice removable hard drive caddies present on the sibling. You can really consider this case a lesser version of the Nine Hunred. It has a top mounted fan (140mm) and an exhaust fan in the back as standard.



Once you open up the box and set the case down, a few words come to mind; Subdued, boring, black. That about sums the Three Hundred up. It is more or less a standard Antec case (which is not a bad thing at all) with a few nice features added. There is no window on this all black case. It has a matte finish.


The side where a window would normally go has a spot for a single 120mm fan. Nothing occupies this spot when you buy the case so you'll have to supply the fan yourself. The position of the fan is well placed right near a graphics card would be located.


A tradition in the Hundred series of cases is the placement of the power supply on the bottom of the case. This is probably why the top exhaust fan is standard. The ATX airflow should be a backwards "S" in a case so there needs to be a back top exhaust fan to relieve the heat from the CPU area. Everything else about the back is fairly standard. You get four large thumbscrews for the case panels and the side can be locked.


Just like its older sibling, this case has front that is grilled to provide maximum airflow. You can clearly see the fan holders at the two bottom sets of 3 bays. You have space for two front 120mm fans. These front fans are not included with the case, but if you do get the extra fan, might as well use it. The top of the case has the inputs and buttons for power and USB as well as audio. The reset button is pretty tiny, but fine. There are two small blue LEDs that are subdued as well.


The top of the case holds the 140mm fan for exhausting air. With so many exhaust fans, you'll be sucking in air from many places. Since this is a large fan, it should be fairly quiet. Remember that bigger fans are always better. They can cool better with less noise than smaller fans.
members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2569m.jpg box.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2570m.jpg packing.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2571m.jpg parts.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2572m.jpg iso.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2573m.jpg side1.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2574m.jpg back.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2575m.jpg front.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2576m.jpg topfan.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2577m.jpg open.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2578m.jpg iopcifan.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2579m.jpg psu.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2580m.jpg drivearea.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2581m.jpg cdarea.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2582m.jpg frontcover.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2583.jpg fangrill.jpg members/attachments/upload/2008/05/14/2584m.jpg built.jpg


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