Xoxide C-6 Blackhawk

Aron Schatz
May 31, 2002
Can't mod anything yourself? This is the case for you!
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<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/isowindow.jpg">
This is a nice profile shot of the window</center>

After an <a href="/articles.php?articleid=23">impressive article by Nivram</a>, I want to hopefully continue the trend of good articles that'll flow from the site. Today I have for you <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/c6blachawmid.html">C-6 Blackhawk pre modified case from Xoxide</a>. Read on to find out what the case is and why you would want one.

<B>What you get</B>:

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/brownbox.jpg">
The box it came in</center>

The packaged arrive earlier this week. I love when I get a package address to ASE Labs Wink.When I opened the box, this is what what inside...

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/openbrownbox.jpg"> <img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/unwrapped.jpg">
Look inside, this is what you'll find</center>

I immediately took off the wrapping and then saw all the fans and window. My first impression of the case was very good. When I poked around inside, I found:

4x 3.5" hidden hard drive bays
2x 3.5" Floppy/hard drive bays (Front open)
4x 5.25" CD/DVD bays (Front Open)
1 Top 80mm Sunon Fan
1 Side 80mm Sunon Fan
2 Back 80mm Sunon Fans
2 Front 80mm Sunon Fans(All fans are 80mm, I screwed up before Sad...)

NO POWER SUPPLY (You can buy one with it)

On the next page, we got alot of pictures, if your on a modem, please be patient.
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Let me start with showing the case outside.

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/front.jpg"> <img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/back.jpg">
The first pic is the front, the next is the back</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/top.jpg">
Top view</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/sidewindow.jpg">
Side with the window</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/side2.jpg">
And the opposite side</center>

As you can tell, this case is black, and has no defects in the paint (or vinyl stain). Xoxide has really done a superb job with the quality of the outside, but what about the rest?

Next pics will show you all the fans. Each fan that has a blow hole was also fitten with rubber and a grill.
<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/rubberfan.jpg">
Notice the attention to detail, this rubber also makes sure that the screw/grill won't scratch the paint. And, it covers up the sharp edges of the blow hole</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/frontfans.jpg">
Inside, you'll see the front fans. They are right in front of the HDD rack</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/intopfan.jpg"> <img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/topfan.jpg">
Inside and outside view of top fan</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/sidefan.jpg">
This fan is on the side with the window</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/backfans.jpg">
Two back fans They suck out air from the hot CPU</center>

Okay, now that all the fans are done, next I want to show you more of the inside.

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/inside.jpg">
The total inside of the case</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/hddrack.jpg">
This is the Hard Drive Rack, and the fans blow cool air over them</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/romcage.jpg">
Here are the Rom bays. 4 in total</center>

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/screws.jpg">
You get some screws that you'll need for the components</center>

Okay, now what want to see what I did with it? Next page.
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<B>The Finished Product</B>:
You know, I knew I would use that <a href="/articles.php?articleid=21">EL wire</a> for something. Here is the start of the window:

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/strwindow.jpg">
All Clean inside</center>

And here is what happens what a load of stuff goes into the case:

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/full.jpg">
I tried porting the wires to keep the window clean</center>

And what it looks like in the end:

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/completewindow.jpg"> <img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/completewindow2.jpg">
Notice the green and blue light, very cool lighting in person.</center>

In any case, the best tempurature you can hope to achieve is ambient. And did this case do that? It never got about 1 Degree C above Ambient, and usually stayed at ambient tempurate (Under load). This shows that the fans are a good setup in the case. The price of this case is $139.99 from <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/">Xoxide</a>. The price of the case doesn't include a power supply. I think that this case is very well built and very sturdy. It falls in at under 18lbs. I think this case is great for someone like me who doesn't have a hand for modding. But for the person that does, you may want to mod it yourself. All in all, for the price, you get a great case. I also recommend the <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/vtec27witwin.html">Z-40 Insight</a>, you get a window for under $40.

I'd like to thank <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/">Xoxide</a> for providing this case for review.
<H3><B>Overall score: 89%</B></H3>


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