Xoxide C-6 Blackhawk

Aron Schatz
May 31, 2002
Can't mod anything yourself? This is the case for you!
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Page 1: Intro

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/isowindow.jpg">
This is a nice profile shot of the window</center>

After an <a href="/articles.php?articleid=23">impressive article by Nivram</a>, I want to hopefully continue the trend of good articles that'll flow from the site. Today I have for you <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/c6blachawmid.html">C-6 Blackhawk pre modified case from Xoxide</a>. Read on to find out what the case is and why you would want one.

<B>What you get</B>:

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/brownbox.jpg">
The box it came in</center>

The packaged arrive earlier this week. I love when I get a package address to ASE Labs Wink.When I opened the box, this is what what inside...

<center><img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/openbrownbox.jpg"> <img src="/images/articles/may02/c6blackhawk/unwrapped.jpg">
Look inside, this is what you'll find</center>

I immediately took off the wrapping and then saw all the fans and window. My first impression of the case was very good. When I poked around inside, I found:

4x 3.5" hidden hard drive bays
2x 3.5" Floppy/hard drive bays (Front open)
4x 5.25" CD/DVD bays (Front Open)
1 Top 80mm Sunon Fan
1 Side 80mm Sunon Fan
2 Back 80mm Sunon Fans
2 Front 80mm Sunon Fans(All fans are 80mm, I screwed up before Sad...)

NO POWER SUPPLY (You can buy one with it)

On the next page, we got alot of pictures, if your on a modem, please be patient.


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