CES 2008 Day 3

Aron Schatz
January 10, 2008
CES 2008 Day 3
Day 3 coverage of CES 2008: One of largest consumer electronics shows in the world. Day 3 was pretty light on interesting things but there are some highlights.

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CES is one of the biggest consumer electronics show in the world. Hosted in Las Vegas at the start of the year, the show welcomes well over 100,000 people. Too many taxis take to the road and don't know how to drive just to get a fare. Hotels and meals are too expensive. Such is business as usually for CES.


These daily articles will be a bit light on details. ASE Labs will write a follow-up article next week to get into much more details with better pictures including press kit photos. These photos are taken directly from the show floor by the photography editor, Steven Susman.



It may come as a surprise to many of you but Soyo is now out of the motherboard market and is instead working on display technologies. They have licensed their technology to Honeywell and they will be selling monitors and TVs under the Honeywell name. This is just a licensing deal and Honeywell did not swallow up Soyo... yet. That being said, they have some nice products so far which aren't yet released. This is a 24" 1920x1200 monitor. Pretty nice stuff from a company that is reinventing itself.


Honeywell was also showing off LED backlighted displays. These new displays offer much better contrast ratios than traditional CCFL backlight displays. LED backlighting allows each pixel to be individually lit or not to give a much truer black than is possible with CCFL. After seeing OLED in action, LED backlighting is an interim step. ASE Labs should receive some Soyo products for review this year. Soyo, Honeywell.



Panasonic didn't have many interesting items, but they did unveil an 150" TV that looked absolutely great. Panasonic was tightlipped about the weight, the price, and more. The picture quality was excellent and it is good to see things like this that hardly anyone will use.



AOpen is totally committed to mobile on desktop. This is evident by their products which reflect the ultra mini PC look. They have discontinued all larger motherboards and it is nice to see a company dedicate so much resources on this technology. They were showing off some very nice display/PC combos for kiosks and such. Very nice stuff.

aopenam2.jpg aopeninsp.jpg

AOpen doesn't sacrifice speed for size. They are providing ITX boards that support Socket P and AM2. That's right, you can get great ITX boards that have the speed you need. The boards that AOpen produces actually take their power from an external DC adapter. Very interesting stuff from AOpen. ASE Labs has reviewed their Mini-ITX, the S150 already. Expect more reviews of AOpen's products this year. AOpen.



There are many companies that don't have a US presence at the Las Vegas Hilton for the international portion of the show. Many of these companies come with knock-off products and the companies appear and disappear each year. There are no shortages of companies like "A1 Good Technology" and such.

More To Come:

The finally day of the show is tomorrow. Be sure to check out our coverage of the Sands. Make sure to »check out our forums while you are here. Thank you for reading.

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