Aquastealth Extreme II

May 25, 2002
Want to keep those CPU temperatures down? Want to have some peace of mind on those CPU temperatures? Then just check this out!
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Page 1: Introduction

<B>Introduction :</B>
For a couple of years I have been on a cooler quest to find some means of getting my CPU and subsequently the system temperatures lower. I have bought several variations of HSFs combinations: aluminum or copper; aluminum with copper core; trying them with 60mm, 7000rpm, screaming and 80mm, 300-4000rpm, noisy fans; using a 60 to 80mm adapter whenever necessary. Each step would give me some measure of lower temperature, but a probable increase in noise irritation.

I even tried the multiple case fan option on several occasions (using up to 11 fans, dual 20mm fans for hard drive cooling to 120mm front and back case fans) to help in getting cooler air in and the heated air out. All of these combinations gave a little lower temperature number, but were also a real ear irritant.

Now my cooler quest has taken a significant step forward.

<B>Deciding The Issue :</B>
I have been contemplating for the last year to purchase a water cooler setup. My quest was for a good rig that would do the job with a minimum fuss. This is my first setup and it needed to be a complete unit, as I didn't want to take the chance of trying to pick my own setup (or buying from several sources) and get items that don't work together.

It only took two e-mails to Brian at <a href="">BeCooling</a> and I had my system on order. I selected the Aquastealth II Extreme series with the Black Ice Extreme radiator and Maxi-Jet Pump/Tank upgrade. I wanted to get the most effective cooler setup offered and the results are excellent.

<center><img src="/~nivram/aqua.jpg">Aquastealth Extreme II Kit from BECooling</center>

<B>Inspecting The Aquastealth Shipment :</B>
I received my order of the Aquastealth kit in only two days. But what surprised me even more was the size of the shipment box. My first thought upon seeing the box was there had to be another box! Nope, only one box. Upon opening the box all the parts were neatly packed and cushioned to prevent damage during shipment.

I removed all the items in the box one by one and for the first time I really saw the true size of my new water cooler unit. The radiator and pump/tank were smaller than I envisioned from the photo (even next to the 120mm fan I really didn&#8217;t take note), but as depicted in the picture all the major components are painted black or blackpowder coated (to prevent tarnishing or water spots) except for the bottom of the water block.

<B>Choosing The Case :</B>
While I was waiting for my Aquastealth kit to arrive, I contemplated on the case I would need to install my water unit. I thought at first that neither of the two styles of cases I have would work. I was contemplating on getting a full tower case in order to mount everything inside with the motive that if I had to move the computer, I could easily do so.

Now that I had the water unit in front of me I saw that I could use one of my cases. That case is the Chenbro PC61069, which comes with 3/2/2 drive mounting with a clip-on rail system for the CD/FDD slots and ample room inside. This case also has mounting in the front and rear for 80 to 120mm fans.

<center><img src="/~nivram/chenbro.jpg">Chenbro Case</center>


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