Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse

Aron Schatz
January 21, 2007
The MX Revolution is the latest mouse from Logitech with the MX designation. Does this mouse actually have revolutionary technology? You need to read to find out.

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Here we meet again. Logitech has another mouse billed as "the world's most advanced mouse." The MX Revolution is the latest mouse in the MX line. Logitech has introduced many new features that require the use of SetPoint to actually function. Will this be the first mouse that I use with software?


The MX series of mice started with the amazing »MX700. The MX700 was the best mouse of the time. It was the first cordless mouse that actually felt like a corded one. There was no delay and people generally agreed that the MX700 was the way mice were heading. Logitech then released the »MX1000, the first laser cordless mouse. It was generally accepted as the replacement for the MX700. The MX series then went on to have different genres of products such as the MX518 and the »MX610. The gaming edition of mice really took over for the MX line of mice with the release of the G5 and G7. The »G7 was the ultimate mouse and still is to this day. Logitech has gone back to the drawing board with the MX series and concentrated on the consumer level for the MX Revolution.



The MX Revolution has a deep green Logitech look. The only MX series mouse to really deviate from the norm was the G series and the MX1000.



The MX Revolution kit includes the mouse, a charging station, the power cord, the transceiver, and the documentation and CD. You have read right. The Revolution finally separates the charging and transceiver station.


The charging station is very minimal and sleek. It will fit with any computer setup and the mouse fits on the station perfectly. Since the station only needs to provide charging, it can remain small. This is a huge improvement over the previous generation of mice.


The MX Revolution contains a mini transceiver. It is just like the MX610 due to the fact that the mouse receives information from the computer and not just the other way around. Logitech still has not introduced a right angled transceiver. This is unfortunate because many computer setups are against walls and the protruding transceiver could be a problem.

The Revolution:

MX Rev 1

What exactly is revolutionary about this mouse? I would answer that the mouse features evolutionary improvements. There is nothing big enough to warrant the revolutionary name. Regardless, the next in the MX series of mice is a nice piece of hardware. The mouse once again is a consumer grade mouse with big grips and much curved surfaces. This mouse is for right-handed people only. Logitech has mice for left-handed people but this mouse is strictly made to fit in the right hand. You can clearly see the enhanced scroll wheel and the new search button on top of the mouse.

MX Rev 2

The search button is nothing special. It will basically search what you highlight on your computer using the SetPoint software or it will open a search page of your choice. The real special feature of the mouse is the enhanced scroll wheel. When you first use the Revolution, you will probably think the scroll button (middle click) is broken. Without using the Logitech software, the mouse defaults to a selection between ratcheting or free spinning scroll wheel. You read right, this mouse can release the ratcheting scroll to give you a higher precision of scrolling and to allow free scrolling for very fast document progression. Think about scrolling thousands of pages in no time with the free spinning wheel. Yes, it is pretty interesting... but the default behavior of the mouse is unacceptable. Most people use the middle click for many things and disabling it by default will make people think the mouse is broken. I really dislike having to run software to make the mouse function the way I want.

MX Rev 3

The mouse also contains extra features near the thumb rest. The normal back and forward buttons are again placed in a good location above the thumb. They are easy to press and do not get in the way of your thumb. You will notice a second wheel present near the thumb. This is not a scroll wheel but a jog wheel. This new job wheel controls the document flip button to change documents or flip between programs. It is basically a glorified alt+tab or cntl+tab. The nice thing about the flip between programs is that you can actually read what programs are running all at once. Other than that, it is easier to look at the task bar to see what is going on.

MX Rev 4

The MX Revolution is a fine mouse to grip. It fits very well in my hand which is a large sized hand (by the gloves I buy). Curves say much for a product of this nature and it is a great mouse to pair up with a computer.


The Revolution can be turned off when not in use. Since it is a MX series mouse, there is no need to bother turning it off as the battery life is very impressive. The pads on the bottom are slippery but not as good as the G series mouse.
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SetPoint 1

You need to install the Logitech SetPoint software for this mouse to function correctly. Thankfully, SetPoint can be set to use the normal way of acceleration and speed (OS controlled). SetPoint basically stays in the tray where it annoys me. Either way, when you use SetPoint with the Revolution, you can fix the middle click problem by using the settings shown in the above picture. You basically must disable the click to change scroll function and regain the middle click.

SetPoint 2

The enhanced scroll wheel is completely customizable in general and by application specifically. I have mine set to automatically disable the ratchet when I spin the wheel fast. This is the best way to use the enhanced scroll wheel of the mouse. The mouse feels more intelligent when I do not have to tell it to do a function. Try the settings I am showing if you currently own the mouse. I bet you will like it.


The mouse works great. If I compared it to the older MX series mice, it clearly stands above the rest of the line. When compared to the G7, I cannot see this mouse as a successor. It is a totally different mouse with different areas of interests. That being said, I will continue to use the G7 over the MX Revolution. The battery life of the Revolution is excellent lasting days off the charger. Tracking is excellent due to the laser technology used on the mouse. The latest in the MX line is truly a great mouse. While the new functions of the mouse are good, it is nothing revolutionary.


As with all my input device reviews, my conclusion will state that you must feel the mouse before you buy it. Purchasing an input device is an important decision and without testing the device, you may end up with some you do not like. The MX Revolution may not be revolutionary, but it is a great mouse. If you missed the boat with laser technology, this should be your entry into the new technology. The big downside is the price. Amazon is selling it for about $85. It is pretty expensive, but it is a generally good product and worth the price.

I would like to thank Kate and Erik from Logitech for making this review possible.


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