Logitech G7 Black Gaming Mouse

Aron Schatz
November 7, 2006
Logitech makes excellent mice and the new black G7 does not disappoint. Should you consider buying the black G7 even if you have the original? Read on...

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I know what you are thinking. "I already read the G7 reviews in the past." Plus, you probably own a G7 already. Why would I be reviewing such an old product that even »I reviewed in the past? Simple, this is a new product from Logitech. It has the same name, but a refreshed design. Meet the black G7!



The box is the dark hulk green, a perfect design for gaming.


Let me just preface this section by saying that it is a pain in the ass to remove the mouse from the packaging. While the packaging itself opens (it is not a blister pack), the mouse is nice and molded into the packaging. It takes a good amount of force to pop it out.


Anyway, included in the box are the standard pieces including the mouse, the manual and software (garbage), two Li-Ion batteries, the charger, and the USB receiver.

Like the original G7, the black version also sports independent batteries. There is no dropping your mouse in a charger overnight. There are benefits to having the battery built into the mouse. The first is that you will not need to replace batteries. You just need to remember to drop the mouse on the charger when you are done using it. The MX1000 actually lasted days without a charge. This is not the case with the G7. On the plus side, since there are two battery packs, you will not ever be without power... unless you forget to charge the battery you are not using. Once you get the hand of it, battery swaps take mere seconds.

Receiver + Charger

The charger still sports a lone USB port to house the receiver. You can see how the battery gets installed in the charger. The new black G7 also sports blue accents on everything. This is much better for use with the gaming keyboards that are primarily blue, not green. Aesthetics are important when making a computer setup. Well, for some people. The micro receiver is keyed to the mouse. There is no need to connect the two devices anymore. Make sure you do not lose either of them. Other than the coloring, the accessories are identical to the original G7. The old batteries work in the new mouse with no problem. Most people will not have two mice, so this is a moot point I guess.

The Black G7:

G7 Comparison

The black G7 looks exactly the same as the »older model. It can trace its lineage back to the days of Logitech first truly great cordless mouse, the MX700. There is something to say about using something that is tried and true. As much as you hear that change is good, sometimes that is not the case at all. I always liked the MX700; it is no surprise that I like the G7. The mouse is different than the older model.

Side 1

The forward button is still absent from the mouse. Thankfully, it is one of those useless additions. A mouse has no need for any button other than the back button. Any other buttons should control something that needs to be done only on the mouse. Anything I can do on the keyboard should not be done with the mouse. If you never read the first G7, the buttons below the scroll wheel are not back and forward buttons. They are DPI adjustment buttons. There is no redundancy on this mouse and that makes it a true pleasure to use. The scroll wheel is one of those that tilt as well. I have never used the tilt action on any mouse I have. I am sure that some people use it for large Photoshop pictures and what have you.

Side 2

Logitech went back to the rubberized feeling grip for the black G7. I am not sure if the grip is rubber or textured hard plastic. I am guessing the latter. Hard plastic does not absorb wetness like plain old rubber does. If you happen to have sweaty palms, you should appreciate the G7 line of mice for this. That does not mean that the mouse will not ever get wet due to sweat. Yuck.


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