HP Photosmart 215 Digital Camera

Aron Schatz
August 4, 2001
HP's Photosmart 215 digital camera. This is a low end camera. I wouldn't recommend this camera.
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This review is going to be short and not to HP's liking. I have had this camera for a long time and just starting using heavily for reviewing things on this site. The camera takes <b>horrible</b> pictures. The slightest movement makes the camera's pictures go blurry. I don't know how steady everyone's hands are but I guess I'm not steady enough to take good pictures. Also, the unit compensates for light. I wish that feature can be turned off as it makes pictures to blurry as well.<p>

One other thing that really upset me was the fact the even though I had an universal AC adapter, the camera would take a picture with using it. It displayed the pictures fine and all. This is just a money making scheme that HP has to get you to use their AC adapters. I mean $49 for a freaking AC adapter! All because the one I have doesn't go up to 2000mA, yes that high! One more thing about power, the camera <b>eats</b> 4 AA in a matter of a few pictures. And even though their maybe enough juice in there to use for other things, like a flash light or radio, the camera refuses to work with any batteries that are drained just a little. I don't like when a company designs a product that doesn't work the intented way it should. I picked this camera up for $200 about 6 or so months ago. If you have an AC adapter, make sure it can handle 6volts and 2000mA. I don't have any that do which leads me to think that the camera requires way too much power.<p>

The interface is stupid in the camera, and the few input buttons aren't responsive at all. I had to press the scroll button many times for it to even work. The view finder, the thing that you look through to take pictures, isn't near the lens at all. It is very far above it and I cut off the bottom of many pictures I take. This is a very bad flaw in the camera as I have to aim it lower to compensate which leads to worse pictures.<p>

The interface software for the computer is lacking any quality, and if I try to delete a single picture off the camera, more times it will delete the entire load of pictures. The editting software is also lacking, you won't be getting near the quality of photoshop. I don't find this to be a good bargin and I recommend everyone NOT to buy this at all. This 1.3 megapixel camera takes the worst blurry photos I've seen. Maybe if you have really steady hands, but other than that, don't buy this camera.<p>

Now, I have an AC adapter that I bought from RadioShack for $20. I have been testing the camera with all the features enabled. To take good pictures, you'll need good lighting and the LCD screen instead of using the viewfinder. This allows you to also hold the camera so it won't jiggle so much. The pictures I have taken are getting better. But, I still don't recommend the camera, go find a better one.. <p>

For all these reasons, I gave the camera a 55/100 rating.<p>

If anyone knows of a good camera or if any company would like me to review their digital camera, please email at <a href="mailto:aronschatz@aselabs.com">aronschatz@aselabs.com</a>.


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