Logitech V450 Cordless Notebook Mouse

Aron Schatz
July 18, 2006
Logitech has just released the V450 cordless mouse for use in mobile computing. The ergonomics of this new mouse are a step above the previous V400, but that may not be enough to justify another purchase. Read on...

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Logitech is an industry leader in PC input devices. They have new releases in every market segment all the time. The V450 is their newest laser cordless mouse that targets the mobile crowd. Just last month we saw the V400, another mobile mouse. Is the V450 worth the money if you have a V400? Maybe, but if you do not it is worth a purchase by itself.



Standard blister packing... though, it was simple to punch into it and remove it due to the perforated packaging. No scissor required.

The Stuff:


Included in the package: The mouse, the receiver (micro), 2x AA Duracell batteries, and the literature and software. Since I hate software, we will just skip over that and the manual... who reads manuals?


The USB receiver is smaller than the previous versions. It is now micro sized and easily fits into the back of the mouse. Since this receiver is smaller, it is not much of a problem that the receiver sticks directly out of the laptop. Mind you, it is still annoying, but less of a problem than previous ones. A 90 degree angle would be much better and I would be able to leave the laptop in its bag while using the mouse.

The Mouse:


The mouse is more angular than the previous V400. It is still small and will feel cramped for large hands. There are rubberized grips on the sides so the mouse does not slide around all over the place when in use. Since the mouse is curved more, it is much easier to handle than the V400. This mouse fits better overall.

Side 1

Like I said, the mouse is rather small. In extended use you may get cramps. My DS Lite also suffers from this issue. Unlike the V400, your hand actually fits on the mouse and your wrist is in the neutral position. This is much better for ergonomics. Just be mindful of extended use and be sure to rest every once and awhile. You do not want to get RTS do you?


There are no back/forward button on the mouse which is a minus for me. A single back button placed near the thumb would be a nice addition. Technically, since you are using a laptop, the keyboard should be really close so navigation should be easy. I guess Logitech felt that the buttons are not that important on a notebook mouse, but they still left the tilt wheel which I despise! It is good that the tilt is hard to do.

Battery Area

The battery compartment is located at the top of the mouse and you need to remove the USB receiver and push a button to open the hatch. The mouse takes two AA batteries and battery life is expected to last a full year. Since the review is only a few weeks, I am not able to test that fact. The mouse did last the few weeks with no problems and based on previous experience with Logitech products, I am pretty sure that the mouse will last about as long as Logitech predicts. As I stated in my previous articles, take a set of batteries with you just in case.


The mouse is about four inches and the receiver is about an inch and a half. It goes along well with a tiny laptop like my C400 and it has replaced my V400 that I had previously.


I like that the mouse is heavier. I get a better feel of tracking when I have some pull. This is probably due to the use of the G7 mouse that I use on my desktop which is rather heavy as well. Tracking with this new laser mouse is excellent, better than the V400. It is not as good as the G7 and does lag in some areas and when you leave it for a bit. It takes a second to come out of sleep mode, but that is where the power savings are. I did some light gaming and office work on the road while I was in Atlantic City and I had no problems using the mouse.

The angularness (is this a word?) of the mouse is much better for my hands. As with any input device, you really should try this out before you buy it. It may cramp your hand if you have large hands. It is better to be safe than sorry. Input devices are THE MOST IMPORTANT device that your computer contains. Make sure you like what you use.


I really want to stress that you need to test an input device before purchasing it. That being said, I recommend the V450 if you do not currently have a good notebook mouse. If you have the V400, stick with it unless you like the V450 better. I personally do and would buy it to save my wrist some pain. You can purchase the mouse from Amazon for about $40. You can also search for the best prices.

Let me take the time to thank Kate from Logitech for supplying this product for review.

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