Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3100

Aron Schatz
July 24, 2005
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3100
Logitech takes the MX1000 and pairs it up with a brand new wireless keyboard. The combination is the best thing to hit my desk since the MX Duo came about. This is the combo to get. Read why within...

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As I stated many times before, <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a> is the premiere provider of peripherals for the computer crowd. Take a <a href="http://www.aseville.com/systems.php?id=1">quick look at my own system</a> and you'll see many Logitech products. At work, many people use Logitech mice and keyboards. Their name is synonymous with quality and it is a brand that people trust. The Cordless Desktop MX 3100 is the keyboard and mouse combo set to replace the aging MX Duo. The MX Duo was the most amazing keyboard and mouse combo at the time, but the MX 3100 dethrones it.



The box art. This product is significantly heavier than I expected. Let's move on.



When you open up the box you are greeted with some instructions. I'm an engineer, I don't READ instructions.


Here we have all the parts. Included in the packaging are the base station, <a href="articles.php?id=168">the MX1000</a>, some CDs (the software), batteries for the keyboard, instructions, the keyboard, and the AC brick. The batteries are Duracel batteries and they are quality batteries. I will not be going over any software that comes in the bundle. I do not install bloat that comes with any mouse or keyboard.

<B>The MX1000</B>:

<center>MX1000 MX1000 2</center>

If you want the entire scoop on the MX1000, you can check out <a href="articles.php?id=168">my full review</a>. Needless to say, the mouse is the most impressive mouse I have ever used. The MX1000 features a laser in the infrared wavelength with very low power. This, coupled with an enhanced senor, provides 20 times the resolution of ordinary optical mouse. The mouse will reactive to slighter movements with precision and accuracy. There is no need to go further. You'll need to test it yourself to see the benefit.

<B>The MX3000</B>:

<center>Keyboard & Charger Keyboard 1 Keyboard 2</center>

The keyboard included in the bundle is the dubbed the MX3000. It is an updated version of the older Elite keyboard used in the previous bundle. There are many changes to this keyboard. The first is that the keys are shaped differently. The function keys at the top are much smaller than normal, and that it unfortunate considering I do alt-F4 many times. Another difference is that the key press and response is softer. When typing, there is hardly any click sound to the keyboard. I assume that this is what most people wanted, but I like to hear some feedback from the keyboard. The next difference comes with the six key delete, end home, pg up and down, and insert. Wait, on this keyboard the insert is not where it normally is. The delete key is also twice as large and the keys in the combination are arranged vertically as opposed to horizontally. The delete key being twice as large as normal is annoying to get used to when doing combination like shift-delete.


The arrow keys, essential for gaming if you don't use the WASD setup, are slightly bigger and are easy to get used to. These keys do not have enough feedback and the stroke is too much. Once you get used to it, it not a problem. The space bar, on the other hand, does have a quirk that I'm not fond of. When I am typing, I primarily use my right hand to press the space bar. If the space bar is pressed on the far right side, the key will be harder to press and sticks a bit. Enough about the minor differences.

<center>Left side Keyboard Top Keyboard Right</center>

The left side also features new keys such as the return key and two useless keys without the software. There are two ways to scroll with the keyboard. You could use the jog wheel. It sends keyboard up or down to the controller. You can use the up or down keys which simulate the scroll wheel on the mouse. Yes, it is a bit weird. The zoom keys do not function without the software. The only keys to function on the top are the volume and the player controls and the email key. I'm using Windows 2000, on XP it may be different. I have not tried any of the function keys on Linux, but it is a normal PS/2 keyboard and mouse and will function without problems.

The coloring of the combo are blue and black. It is nicer than the dark green on the MX1000, but I'd prefer red or straight gray tones.
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If the previous set is any indication, the keyboard will last for a good while on a set of batteries. I have not ever replaced the batteries on my old set since the initial review. Yes, that was nearly two years ago and the batteries in the keyboard still work. The mouse has been functioning for three weeks before it needed a charge and this is with heavy use. I am impressed where wireless input devices have come since the early days of line of sight mice. While the keyboard may take some getting used to, once you do have it, it is a dream to type on using Logitech's amazing Zero-Tilt design. Your hands fall perfectly on the keys and there is no need to bend your wrist.


Without a doubt, this is the keyboard and mouse combo to own whether you are a gamer or a casual user. The MX1000 paired with the MX3000 is simply the best combination I have ever had. If you currently have the MX Duo, you may want to go out to a store and try out the combo for yourself to see the differences. The MX1000 alone is amazing and the combination hits it home. I recommend this to everyone, period. <a href="http://stat.dealtime.com/DealFrame/DealFrame.cmp?BEFID=1696&acode=204&code=204&aon=^162&crawler_id=300168&dealId=jGYFcLFNWtvrdb6Kh%24gBKw%3D%3D&prjID=ds&searchID=31ac58bb61005f119ead6e12&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.newegg.com%2FProduct%2FProduct.asp%3FItem%3DN82E16823126169%26ATT%3DKeyboards%26CMP%3DOTC-d3alt1me&DealName=%20KB%26MS%20LOGITECH%7CCRDLSS%20DSKTP%20MX3100&MerchantID=300168&HasLink=yes&frameId=-1&category=77&AR=2&NG=20&GR=3&ND=1&PN=1&PT=0&RR=1&ST=&DB=masterprod&MT=pse25-1&MN=MT&FPT=DNSR&NDS=27&NMS=27&NDP=20&MRS=&PD=0&brnId=2453&lnkId=3002062&IsFtr=1&IsSmart=0&crn=USD&istrsmrc=1&isathrsl=0&dlprc=113.98&CT=3">What are you waiting for, Newegg sells this for about $120</a>!

<center><img src="http://images.aselabs.com/awards/recommended.jpg" alt="Recommended" /></center>

I'd like to thank Kate from <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a> for sending this product for review.


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