Swiftpoint Mouse For Laptops

Aron Schatz
February 8, 2011
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Swiftpoint Mouse
Swiftpoint Mouse For Laptops
While the price might put some people off, the Swiftpoint Mouse has true innovation that makes it well worth the money. There is no software required for full feature use.

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When we take a trip and bring along a laptop, it is important for us to be able to work while on the go. Road warriors and airplane fliers might not be at a desk when the call comes in to fix that presentation that your boss is doing in 20 minutes. Times like these call for an input devices that can handle itself when you need it. A touchpad might not be your thing, but how about a new style of mouse that can be used on your laptop? This is a head turning mouse with its unique style. Not only is it stylish, Swiftpoint packed in a large number of features to set their product apart from the rest.

About Swiftpoint


Swiftpoint is a New Zealand-based, technology company that seeks to improve people’s computer experiences by introducing novel, well-designed peripheral technology products. The company was renamed Swiftpoint, from Simtrix, in 2009 to reflect the company’s focus on its ingenious laptop mouse product, the Swiftpoint Mouse.

Over eight years ago software engineer and Swiftpoint founder Grant Odgers decided that his laptop's touchpad was preventing him from being a truly mobile computer user. Grant, like many others he discovered, found touchpads to be very inaccurate and inefficient substitutes for a mouse. However, if he wanted to be able to use his laptop away from a table or desk, there was really no other alternative. So Grant slipped on his inventor’s hat, convinced some friends and venture capitalists to invest in his ideas and began working on a concept for a small, portable mouse that could actually be used on your laptop surface itself.

In 2008, the company introduced two revolutionary mice concept designs, the “Swiftpoint Slider” and “Swiftpoint Triped”, at CEBIT in Hanover, Germany. The CEBIT unveiling attracted enormous attention, including coverage by international media and interviews with the BBC and CNN. With this strong interest for the Swiftpoint products, in particular for the Swiftpoint Mouse, a decision was made to channel resources into launching this flagship product.




The first thing you might notice is that the mouse has no product name other than the company name itself. The mouse is called Swiftpoint Mouse, we just added the "Future mouse" tag to give a bit of flare. Swiftpoint packages the mouse in a simple white box that opens to show more features. You can see the mouse and the parking/charging/receiver USB stick before you purchase the mouse. The plastic is contoured to allow you to "try" the mouse out.


The back of the packaging has all the various features. Yes, this is a pretty technology packed input device. You can even customize the "up" direction of it without software.


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