Logitech MX1000 Wireless Laser Mouse

Aron Schatz
June 13, 2005
Logitech MX1000 Wireless Laser Mouse
The Logitech MX1000 Wireless Laser Mouse is the best mouse to grace my mousepad. If you are in the market for a new mouse this is the mouse to get. Read why within...

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Logitech puts out some great peripherals. I look at »my desk and I see that I have speakers, a mouse, a keyboard , and a joystick from Logitech. The MX line of mice from Logitech is simply the best ever made. I took a long hard look at the MX700 when it came out and it is, quite arguably, the best mouse ever. Now, Logitech aims to dethrone its own mouse with the new MX1000.


MX1000 Box

This is the box. Normal Logitech with nice colors. We'll move on to the next section now.



The basic parts are included. The mouse, the base station, the AC brick, a USB to PS2 adapter, and a manual and CD for software.

The Mouse:


Unlike the silver MX700, the MX1000 sports a dark green and black look. The mouse features a few unique traits that were missing from the MX700. A battery indicator is now placed on the mouse. Since I never used the software, I never got any feedback on battery strength before. The MX700 would blink red if the batteries were getting low. The other problem with the MX700 is that the mouse would not be on the charger in the exact position to charge it. You would have to keep adjusting it to find the right position. The MX1000 solves this problem by adjusting the contacts and giving the base station a higher back. This mouse is wireless if you couldn't tell.

Mouse Front

I must say that the left and right tilt feature of the scroll wheel are not a welcomed addition in my opinion. The majority of work I do doesn't require scrolling left or right. Since the mouse doesn't rock that easily, it is okay for up and down motion. Like the MX700, the mouse comes with up and down buttons on either side of the scroll wheel. I actually do use those once and awhile. When you use the scroll wheel as a button, it functions are expected. In Firefox, the middle button gets much use for opening links in new tabs and closing them. Thankfully, it is very close to the MX700. The scroll button feedback is quite different. The MX700 has a click sound while the MX1000 is more like a keyboard press, but harder.

Mouse Side

On the side of the mouse are the back and forward buttons. The other button is the application button which turns out to be useless if the software isn't loaded. This is not a critical button and as such it is not important if it function or not (for me). The buttons are very responsive and have a loud clicking sound when pressed.
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Mouse Back

The battery indicator is three-way, not a 4-way as the box says [EDIT: A comment below describes what 4-way actually means]. The mouse shows the battery level while in use and shuts off while it is sleeping (when there is no movement). The battery will last for a few days at least, no need to worry if you forget to place the mouse on the charger for a day or four. Logitech says the MX1000 should last for about 20 days on a full charge. Most people will be placing the mouse on the base station at the end of the day, so this isn't an issue. It is good to know that the battery is Lithium Ion. No memory effect or self discharge on this thing. The battery should also last longer than NiMH. On another note about the battery, it isn't user replaceable. Once it dies, you throw the mouse out. This normally would be unacceptable to me, but since even the MX700 (two of them) have been in operation for nearly 2 years with no problems, I'll give Logitech the benefit of the doubt on this one. The mouse should at least last for 3 years, Logitech guaranties it.

MX Comparison

There is no weight difference in either the MX1000 or the MX700 (both are 6 ounces). There is a noticeable improvement in the fluidity of movement. The mouse base is larger than the MX700, so it holds the weight better and 'feels' lighter when being moved. The MX1000 is also more curvaceous than its older brother. If left handed people would use the MX700, then Logitech did them in with the MX1000. Ergonomic is in.

Mouse Bottom

The MX Laser is 20x more sensitive than its older optical brother. The laser is also less battery intensive, hence the large increase in battery times. Also located on the bottom is an on/off toggle, not present on the MX700. All mice should have a toggle for turning the mouse on or off (that are wireless).

Tracking is impressive with this mouse, better than the MX700. Since this was the goal, Logitech made a great product to supplant its top of the line MX700. Logitech makes great products and have not been disappointed with them yet.


I picked this mouse up for $70, but it is on sale for around $60 online. For this price it is a bargain. If you are upgrading from a non MX series mouse, this is the mouse you should get. If you currently have an MX700, it is up to you to decide if it is worth it to have a bit better tracking and a slightly different feel. Your best bet would be to head out to a local computer store to feel the mouse yourself. This is the mouse to get if you want a new mouse, period. I have no problems recommending this mouse to everyone.



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