Top motherboard companies guide

February 27, 2002
This article gives a non-bias view of all top motherboard manufacturers. Use this as a guide to buying your next motherboard.
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This little large comparison is meant to help some people that just don't know what to get. There are many people tired of reading countless reviews that conflict each other, and make a mess of things when it comes down to buying their new board. All information in this article is my opinion, and may not always be exact. The statements are trends of manufacturers, and may or may not reflect on any individual board they make, as many companies tend to score big once and a while. It is also quite possible while a review makes it look like an amazing board to buy, in the future this will go bad, which is something that I tried to show here. The information was taken from pentium and socket 7 boards on up till present, with more weight being carried for newer boards, but penalties given for bad boards in the past. If a rating doesn't correspond to what's said, its probably because I forgot to say why.

Obviously everyone has different tastes for boards, so I rated each topic individually, you can always decide what you want the most. I tried to turn my hatred for certain manufacturers away, and they did get a fair rating, On the other hand, I tried to be fair to my favorite companies and not give them perfect scores. I certainly surprised myself how some companies ended up, with ratings very close to the top when I myself consider then to be good, but not that great, but on reflection, realized how good they really were. I may or may not have missed some great boards under the memorable boards area, and if you think I missed one, give me shout in the forums.

While almost all the major manufacturers are featured here, there are about a dozen others that are not. These companies tend not to give out boards for reviews, and when they rarely do, its never great. I suspect that they pretty much make poor products, and should be avoided all the time.

Also note that just because one brand does not get a good rating, it doesn't mean they are essentially bad. Read the ending of the review for my overall opinion, even scores less than average I would recommend in some cases, as most of the time stability is the most important factor. The highest rating is only a 8.5,


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