Video Games Live 2010 At NJPAC

Aron Schatz
January 3, 2011
Video Games Live
Video Games Live 2010 At NJPAC
Video game music + live orchestra = geek bliss.

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If you're a resident in northern New Jersey, you know about NJPAC and the performances that go on there. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra does many musical pieces and more, but we aren't interested in that. What do you get when you take classic video game music and combine it with true orchestral performance performed by trained professionals along side one of the most prolific composers of video game music (Tommy Tallarico)? Don't bother answering since just thinking about it will make your head explode with excitement.

Are You Serious?

This is a real show, yes! Back in 2008, Video Games Live came to NJPAC with two showings and both were sold out. The original show was nothing but sheer video game nostalgia and really takes you back to times that have gone by when you were a kid.


Don't just come on time, come early. Before the show, there are tons of people crowding the halls and some dressed in costumes that range from Protoman to Hammer Brothers Mario.

Even the people that aren't interested in dressing up can come in before and have some fun with the arcade style games setup. Want to show off your skills at Guitar Hero against others? No problem here.


The event was packed and all age groups were covered from the young to the old and everyone between them. Most people came with some type of gaming attire as was standard practice for this type of performance.
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The Show


We really can't convey the sheer amazingness of how the music is presented. It is the music you know and love, but better. It is crisper and offers a different take on what you remember. It is nostalgic, yet different. It works so well.

Mix in the lighting and the stage presentation of the crew and everything just flows. Don't go expecting to not be part of the show, either. They encourage you to actively cheer on and pump up the sound. It is more than that, a few people actually get to perform on stage against each other in a contest. For instance, how does a 27 year old do against a 17 year old in Frogger? Let's find out.

Jealous? Wait, in 2008, there was a live Space Invaders game done that was real-time and you were the controller. It had some lag, but it was a great show. It must be difficult to play games on stage, though. Think of having all this great music around you and trying to concentrate on winning. It is pretty damn hard. The music actually follows with the game and will change depending on what's going on.


A bit later in the show, Tommy decided to have a showdown with the winner of the Guitar Hero challenge from the pre-show. Let's see what happens.

This interactivity highlights the show is such a positive way, it really makes the audience get drawn into the performance. If you're fond of music from the classic Mario and Sonic days and even current ones like Halo, this is a show for you.

Bring the parents, too. This show is more than just music from video games, it is an experience and the orchestra performance is something you need to hear to believe. Imagine telling someone you saw a concert done by a professional orchestra featuring music from your favorite video games? Think about that.

If you're reading this article now, it's too late. You missed the two shows in NJ, but fear not. Video Games Live comes back every other year and you can see the show in other venues around the country.

Are you a fan of good video game music? Head over to and order a CD. You won't be sorry. Let's sum this up in one word... EPIC.


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