Xavix draws large crowds at CES.

Steven Susman
Aron Schatz
January 15, 2005
Xavix draws large crowds at CES.
Xavix, whose slogan is "where imagination and reality merge" drew huge crowds at their CES booth. Whether it was because of the quality of their product line, or because of the appearance of Jackie Chan is something that history will judge. Regardless, after I spent 15 minutes at their booth, I was convinced enough to buy the heart of the system, the XaviXPORT IR reciever which sells for just $79.95 MSRP and allows a number of add-on interactive games and applications to be used.
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Even without the presence of Jackie Chan, the Xavix booth seemed to draw a constant crowd. With multiple demo areas they were showing a $79.95 XavixPort Infrared Reciever which plus into a TV with a standard AV cable. The interface is then used with add-on packages that include a programming cartridge for the reciever and objects such as baseball bats, tennis rackets, golf-clubs, and even weight/body fat scales.

I was suprised by the accuracy of the sensors. I played tennis and was impressed by the quality and interaction of the Xavix system. The XavixPort was able not only to sense the current location, but accurately keep up with vaying speed and direction of the movement of my racket. Xavix was also showing a bowling game, a fishing simulation, and a family fitness manager. They state that an interactive boxing title "Jackie Chan Action Boxing" is planned which will utilize an action mat and promote fitness with speed and endurance building exercises. They also note that over 100 titles are already available in Japan. For more information go to xavix.com.


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