SteelPad QcK+ Mousepad

Aron Schatz
December 21, 2004
SteelPad QcK+ Mousepad
The easiest way I can sum this mousepad is up is two words; Insanely Huge. That's the review in a nutshell.

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<center>Steel Logo</center>

<a href="">Steel</a> has been providing the gaming community with some great products over the past few years. The last product I reviewed from Steel, the S&S was amazing. Now, Steel enters back into the cloth pad competition. Let's just say that their latest entry is big, a bit too big.



Look at the size of this poster box container! That's a normal US size foot ruler for comparison. Let's take this gigantic thing out.

<B>The Pad</B>:

<center>Insane 1</center>

Here is where the problem starts. The pad is XXXXXXXXXXXXL size. What does this mean? You basically should never have to pick up your mouse off the pad again, and if you do, you must have one of those new 4 LCD setups that I've seen, and a very small manhood. Seriously, this thing reminds me of a guy that buys something big because he is lacking in other 'areas'. That pad itself is a normal cloth pad, no different than the previous 10 years of mousepads have been. Ohh wait, I forgot about the ginormious size of the pad. That's the new feature, if you can call it that. I have found that there is a sweet spot for the size of things, and this is just too large. I'll show you what I mean in a little bit. This monster isn't moving off your desk once it is on it. The entire bottom is rubberized plastic, no slipping here.

<center>Insane 2</center>

The performance of the pad is on par with other cloth pads, but in today's world of high resolution optical mice, it is severely lacking. There is a high amount of friction on the pad that is unnecessary for the optical type mouse. If you are still using a ball mouse (why?), then this would be fine. I truly do not understand why I have read reviews praising this pad, it simply is not good. Normal Windows use was very annoying coming from the QcK+, the very high friction was hard to get used to after using the much better pad (the S&S). Steel also remains stubborn by putting their logo on the lower left part of the mousepad, that is a very high traffic area, and sometimes optical mice screw up on the logo.


I just want to take you on a little journey. Here is my desk with the nice Steelpad S&S happily by the keyboard's side.


Ohh no! The QcK+ is swallowing everything up! Run away...

<center>Taken Over</center>

Do you notice a problem with this picture? A mousepad should NOT be bigger than a monitor! a 19" one at that!!!


I can sum this product up by saying this: Do not buy it unless you want a mousepad that overtakes your entire desk and your keyboard and your monitor and your joystick and your speakers. I think my point is clear enough.

I'd like to thank Danny from <a href="">Steelpad</a> for sending this product for review. I hope the next pad turns out to be more like the S&S.


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