A4Tech Easy Go AK-5

Aron Schatz
December 13, 2004
A4Tech Easy Go AK-5
The Easy Go is a great mouse for notebooks. Its small size and ability to tuck the USB cable inside the mouse is perfect for people on the go. Find out why you should have this one...

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You've already seen one product from <a href="http://www.a4tech.com">A4Tech</a>, it is time to check out another unique product. The Easy Go is targeted towards notebook users, but unlike the previous mouse reviewed here, it is a genuine wired type. This mouse has some neat features that make it worth the read. Let's move on...

The Box:


This is the box. Next.

<B>The Mouse</B>:

<center>Mouse Mouse Bottom Measure</center>

The only thing in the package is the mouse. That's really all that is required, if you have the current crop of operating systems, just plug this thing in and it works. The mouse if very small and is perfect for the road warrior or the mobile point base type of guy. Unlike the previous mouse, this one has a nice feel to it. While it is a tiny bit small for my likings, I did find it extremely handy and easy to use. The buttons are responsive and the wheel is big and made from a rubbery type of plastic.

<center>Tied 1 Tied 2</center>

As I stated before, this mouse is unique. It has the ability to tuck away its USB cable and fit it inside the mouse. It is a truly clever design. I happen to like the idea. It is much easier to put this in my laptop bag than the previous Intellimouse Explorer I was using. Granted the Explorer has more features, but this is a truly portable mouse.

<center>Glowy 1 Glowy 2</center>

One of the other features of this mouse that I happen to enjoy the most is the scroll wheel. Not because it has one, but because it glows! And it glows GREEN! I, for some odd reason, think this is one of the best qualities of this mouse. I like glowy things.

Aside from the aesthetics, the mouse performs as expected. I noticed no problems with it at all, just the usual quarks when moving the mouse very fast. Other than that, no problem. I doubt you'll be pushing the speed barrier with this attached to your notebook anyway.


I can't find anywhere to purchase this thing, so I am unsure of the price. If it is under $20, I consider this a buy. It is a must for any notebook user, especially those that have the mini notebooks. With its small size and the cable wrap up, I highly recommend this one.

I'd like to <a href="http://www.a4tech.com">A4Tech</a> for supplying this thing for review.


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