Western Digital TV Live Hub Media Center

Aron Schatz
December 1, 2010
Western Digital
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TV Live Hub
Western Digital TV Live Hub Media Center
The WD TV Live Hub is not just a normal media player. Sure, it plays Netflix and your local content. It can also act as the home server with the internal 1TB hard drive.

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The concept of a media center in your home has been lost to the so-called cloud services that offer steaming content with ease. We love Netflix, but there is so much content they we have local to our own network that it makes sense to keep it centrally contained and easy to find. Sure, you can build a server or steam from a DS211, but there are times when you want to put that just works and plays anything you can throw at it. Strap on 1TB of internal storage and the Western Digital TV Live Hub is born. It may be similar to the »Live Plus we reviewed earlier, but there are some very nice additions that make this an interesting product.

About Western Digital


We are thousands of people worldwide working to help you collect, manage and use digital information. Our reliable hard drives and solid state drives are just about everywhere that digital information and content is found, from computers to external and portable storage devices, and from digital video recorders in living rooms to sophisticated medical, military, aerospace, manufacturing and telecommunications systems. Our customers are some of the largest companies in the world, as well as you, who could be using a WD drive right now.

Our high-capacity, durable drives securely store your videos, music and photographs on computers and are quiet, frugal on power and deliver your content fast. Because so much of what you do is now recorded in digital form, WD makes it easy to safely store and share the articles of our lives, and to make duplicates to prevent loss. WD designs and markets plug-and-play external storage devices that expand the capacity of our computers and personal video recorders. They carry a WD label and are found at retailers worldwide. We also make media players that enable you to enjoy your digital content on the biggest screen in your house – your TV.

Businesses take advantage of WD’s high quality and reliability with our enterprise drives in their servers and expansive corporate storage systems, quickly providing critical information to their workers. WD’s green storage leadership enables these businesses to significantly reduce their data centers’ carbon footprint, while increasing their capacity and saving money with lower power consumption.

Specialty applications requiring long lifecycles and the strictest controls on data protection and downtime prevention such as medical devices, military and aerospace equipment and telecommunications systems rely on WD’s embedded drives for uninterrupted service and peace of mind.

We understand the importance of the data you trust to your drives. We focus our passion, knowledge and innovation on products that reliably keep your information and content safe and secure from loss.




The WD TV Live Hub retail packages has a blue cloud background with red accenting sides. The visible face shows the new Mochi interface. It is a huge improvement over the TV Live Plus interface.


The back of the box contains some additional information including showing you that it can play content from the internet as well as you home network. This device is built to be the center of the TV area (hence the "Hub" in the name).


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