Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Aron Schatz
January 29, 2002
Review of sequel to Serious Sam
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Page 1: Background

Last year gaming world was shaken by Serious Sam the robust title that was made by a team of developers from Croatia. The game received many awards from popular game sites all over the net including the best technical graphics award. The game turned out to be fantastic in all respects, with the only downside that all great games share, it was too short and gamers were left craving for more serious action. This month Croteam released the sequel to its highly acclaimed game. Serious Sam: The Second encounter is the name of the second episode in Sam&#8217;s saga.

Being shot down on your space craft you land in Mayan pyramids to find that enemies are still at large, yet you need to go on, that is the premise for the second part of the game.<BR>


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