NZXT Guardian Black

Aron Schatz
July 13, 2004
NZXT Guardian Black
The Guardian is NZXT first case design. In a market that is swamped with premodded cases, can NZXT stand out and be good enough to earn your hard earned money? Let's find out.
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<a href="">NZXT</a> is one of the newest in the premodded case field. With so many different competing manufactures, NZXT will have to stand out of the crowd for people to even consider purchasing their cases. Their first case is on the review bench today; The Guardian.

<B>The Case</B>:

<center>Case 1</center>

This case looks amazing in black and red. Both are my favorite colors. In the first 2.5 years of the site, the color scheme was red and black. Anyway, the Guardian has a retro look to it. It looks like a shield of armor. The front shiny part is metallic paint on plastic. Some people like a totally metal case, but the plastic is lighter and easier to handle.

<center>Front Shot</center>

The front of the case is very unique looking. I've never seen a design that resembles this one. NZXT has done a great job to set themselves apart on their very first case. The front of the case also has ports for USB on the bottom left and sound on the bottom right. The clear plastic part houses a few LEDs that really make the case shine when you turn it on. We'll get to that later.

<center>Front Bolt</center>

The screws on the front of the case are for show only. They are painting plastic again. It gives the case a nice touch, though.

<center>Front Open</center>

The top front opens up to reveal the drive bays and the power and reset switch. Personally, I don't like cases that swing open, hiding the drive bays. I know it leads to a nicer looking case, but it isn't my personal preference. Regardless, the hinges are loose, but not too loose. By the way, the entire case is black, my camera has a hard time taking pictures inside of black.

<center>Window Side</center>

And here is a shot of the windowed side. Notice the laser cut design, looks like flames... or something to that nature. It is unique again. The entire thing is air brushed.

<center>Side Again</center>

Here is a back shot of the case and included is the tri-led lighted fan.

<center>Fan Guard</center>

The fan guard is also included. I think it is a bird or something.

<center>Iso 2</center>

The remaining two sides are pretty standard for any case. There are some light differences that you'll notice on the back.


You'll notice some purple things near the PCI slots. Most things on this case are screwless, and the PCI card locks are no different. They work great.


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