Flexiglow Illuminated Keyboard

Aron Schatz
June 14, 2004
Flexiglow Illuminated Keyboard
Flexiglow is a pretty well-known name in the computer modding field. Their products focus mainly on lighting enhancements. Today, we'll take a look at their new lighted keyboard and see if it is worth your money. Read on...

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It has been a very long time since I've last reviewed a Flexiglow product. It hasn't been a long time since I reviewed something that contained a light, or was, itself, a light. Not to worry. I'll satisfy your need to yet another lighted product from <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a>. Let's take a look at the new Flexiglow Illuminated Keyboard.



This is a filler section because it makes the review longer... And, if you don't like it, that's just too bad. Look at this picture. It's a box. It's rectangular. It contains a lighted keyboard. Party time!



Flexiglow includes very little in this package. What do you expect when you buy a keyboard...free Sea Monkeys? The only thing that caught my attention was the fact that the keyboard isn't USB. Many users commonly use USB to connect devices to their computer. It would be beneficial to have this option. All that Flexiglow would need to do to accommodate people that use other than PS/2 (including myself), would be to include a USB to PS/2 converter. They could also cut out the manual (the page in the picture) and the diskette that are included. Considering you plug in the keyboard and that's all, I don't see what needs to be explained. Granted, the function buttons on the top are a bit non-intuitive, but what else could be explained? "The big one is the ENTER key...the 'G' key types out the letter "G"! Deep stuff.


The keyboard looks like a standard keyboard with a slightly smaller footprint. It has a noticably low profile and has many function buttons on top. As long as they work without software, all the better. I NEVER install keyboard or mouse software... Who needs more programs whittling away at your system's resources and putting yet another annoying icon on the toolbar? Not I. At the top right of the keyboard, you'll notice the On/Off button. I assume that I don't need to explain what it does. Consider it the only function key that you'll actually use.

<center>Keyboard View 2</center>

The keys themselves feel and act like laptop keys. They have a mushy response which I happen not to like very much. Low profile keyboards are easier on the hand and you don't need to slope your wrists that high to type.

<center>Keyboard View 3</center>

It is a full-featured keyboard, the usual Windows keyboard. It has the separate number pad, thankfully, because I simply can't stand keyboards that leave it off. One gripe could be the fact that the arrow keys are very close to each other. I also don't like the placement of the special keys (such as the ctrl, alt, del combo). They seem a tad "off". The backspace is the same size as the other keys... another thing that doesn't get my approval. If ain't a broke, as they say...

Now,let's get down to how it looks...


<center>Lighted 1</center>

Pictured above is the keyboard, on, in normal lighting conditions. Normally, you wouldn't have it on, but the blue glow is pleasing to the eye, not intrusive. You'll also notice that the keys are actually quite readable, unlike another lighted keyboard I reviewed earlier...

<center>Lighted 2</center>

Look at how nice the blue tint is on the eyes. Laptops should have this type of keyboard standard... I believe that Apple had a Powerbook (or an iBook) that had an EL keyboard. Good idea.

<center>Dark Light 1</center>

Now we enter into the very low-light condition. As you can see, the keyboard is easily readable in low light or zero light.

<center>Dark Light 2</center>

The pale blue glow behind the keys is extremely easy on the eyes. You can see the keys very clearly.

<center>Dark Light 3</center>

That's all I need to say. It's decent keyboard overall.


<a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a> tells me that you will be able to buy this keyboard from <a href="http://www.directrion.com">Directron</a> soon. A quick search at their site shows otherwise. For the price of $50, it is an okay deal, not bad and not great. I would say it is perfect for a light-happy geek (that doesn't have one already), but if you're buying it for yourself, it is always best to test an input device before you buy it. The mushy keys are something that I don't like, but you have to test it for yourself to see. It's worth a look.

I'd like to thank Danny from <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a> for sending this product for review.


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