Adaware Vs. Spybot

Aron Schatz
April 9, 2004
Adaware Vs. Spybot
Adaware and Spybot are both excellent spyware removal programs, but which one is THE best at getting the job done? To find out, I loaded up a virtual PC with spyware and tested both programs. Let's check out the results...
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In the <a href="/articles.php?id=124">previous article about safer computing</a>, I explained what spyware was and what programs there are to remove it. Unlike virus scanners, spyware removal tools are better when used in conjunction with each other - one can find spyware that the other doesn't. I always suggest using them both, but there are some that are curious as to which is the better program. I wrote this article to determine which program, on it's own, removes more spyware.



I contemplated different ways to create a test system for spyware. I settled on using a virtual machine created by the excellent Microsoft Virtual PC. This way, I could create a test PC and load it up with spyware, then copy the machine and run both removal tools on separate, yet totally identical systems. How I actually infected the machine with spyware was simple: I acted like a first time computer user and carelessly browsed the internet for two hours. I clicked 'yes' to everything I saw. I downloaded everything that was 'free'. I downloaded and agreed to install every piece of junk offered to me. When the two hours was up, I was left with a machine that looked like the following two pictures.

<center>Spyware Desktop Spyware Desktop 2</center>

I also made sure to load lots of superfluous toolbars for IE that happen to come with KaZaA and other "helpful" things that you randomly see links for. In the end, I had a bunch of toolbars and sidebars, all fighting for control of the browser. What a mess.


Now that the test PC is setup, two copies of the system were made: one for testing Adaware, and one for Spybot. Let's get on with the individual programs.


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