Cooler Master Choiix Cruiser Mouse

Aron Schatz
July 26, 2010
Cooler Master
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Choiix Cruiser
Cooler Master Choiix Cruiser Mouse
While the Choiix Cruiser stumbled tracking on certain surfaces, the mouse handled itself well, overall. The high profile feature is simply a great innovation for large hands.

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ASE Labs has reviewed a plethora of different notebook mice. We have seen the range of products including some good and bad designs. While most products fit a into a general style, it is often the companies that offer innovation that captures the market. Cooler Master is hoping to be one such company with its Choiix Cruiser Notebook Mouse with Blue Trace. We'll examine if Cooler Master has the innovation needed to capture this specific market.

About Cooler Master


Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved.

In pursuing this mission, Cooler Master is absolutely committed to delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers that they can truly depend on. Cooler Master aims to be the first and foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking thermal solutions, and seeks to build such a reputation through outstanding technology, sophisticated design, and superior service.

Cooler Master's current business encompasses a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Our products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.

A critical component of Cooler Master's ability to successfully pursue its mission is an unstinting commitment to quality, as demonstrated by the ISO 9001 certification granted to its main manufacturing plant in Taiwan. We have also enforced ISO guidelines and is in the process of applying for ISO 9002 certification at its second and third plants, located in China. Cooler Master has also implemented a number of analytical and testing protocols to ensure top quality, including at subcontractors, to further ensure thorough quality control. Moreover, Cooler Master's dedication to quality extends beyond manufacturing to every aspect of its operation, including service.



The Choiix line of products have very distinct packaging. For this mouse, the packaging is orange with clear accents to allow you to peer into the box to see the product you are purchasing.


The back of the packaging gives you the specifications and various product features.
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  • Slim and streamlined design, erfect for people on the go
  • Adjustable height for a perfectly ergonomic grip
  • 2.4G wireless mouse technology cuts through environmental interference and provides an extended operational distance
  • 1600 dpi high-definition provides quick and precise tracking
  • Automatic sleep mode and on/off management for extended battery life of 4-6 months depending on frequency of use
  • Snap-in nano receiver is easily stored in mouse body
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Direction / Buttons: 3D/ 3Keys
  • DPI Resolution: 1600 dpi
  • RF Technical: 2.4G Hz
  • Dimension: 98(L)×57(W)×31.5(H) mm
  • Interface: USB

Marketing Summary

[quote]You haven’t experienced real mobility until you’ve used the CHOIIX CRUISER Mouse! Using a notebook computer on the road is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives. A high-quality wireless mouse is a sensible choice as a perfect complement to your mobile lifestyle. With the CHOIIX Blue Trace Technology, our CRUISER Mouse can be used on most kinds of surfaces you encounter. Whether it’s glass or a glossy varnished wood table, the Cruiser works without a problem. The nano receiver is small enough not to be cumbersome and fits snugly into your notebook computer’s USB port.

Package Contents


Since this is a "Value Pack," you get a mouse pad at no additional cost. Also included is some literature, the receiver, 2x AAA batteries, and the Cruiser mouse.


This is a notebook mouse so it is smaller than normal mice. Compared to a standard CD, the mouse is smaller and the included mouse pad is a bit less than two of them together. The mouse pad my look pretty, but the bottom surface is metallic looking and has no grip. The other problem is that it will crease if bent. The mouse pad isn't worth the space in a laptop bag without being able to grip a surface.
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Choiix Cruiser


The Choiix Cruiser comes in multiple colors. We have the black version in for review. The mouse is pretty minimal. It only has two buttons and a scroll wheel. This is acceptable for a notebook mouse, though. The Choiix branded is on the back of the mouse.


The Cruiser takes two AAA batteries that are stacked in place. Cooler Master gives Energizer batteries for a power source. It is good when companies include name brand batteries in their products. It says something about the quality you will get with time.


The Cruiser mouse has a blue LED with an optical sensor. It is not a laser mouse. In the image, the mouse is switched on to show the blue light coming off the LED. There is an on/off switch and a connect button on the bottom. One additional release is something very unique that makes the mouse have a higher profile.


When in transport, the mouse is roughly the size of any standard notebook mouse.


This is the higher profile that this mouse provides. It is one of the most unique features we have seen in a notebook mouse, ever. If you have bigger hands, like I do, you'll appreciate the added height of the mouse in this profile. There is no overstated how much of an improvement this makes over a standard notebook mouse. You get the height without the transport space taken up.


The receiver fits into the base of the extended profile. Once the receiver is in place, it stays locked until you push the rocker switch out on the side. To take the mouse with you, release the high profile switch on the bottom and push it back in place. Cooler Master put some thought into this product.


The buttons and scroll wheel are fairly standard. The top is one piece and it presses fine. Most mice go with the one solid piece of plastic.
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Even though the mouse says it has a Blue Trace sensor, that doesn't mean it is the same leap that BluRay was to DVD. The blue refers to the LED used in the optical sensor. In fact, we noticed a few instances when the tracking was bad. The mouse would skip or just freak out a bit. This only happened on a crazy patterned blue surface with a bit of a shine to it. Most surfaces won't be a problem for this, though.

Aside from that, the mouse is great. The higher profile setting of this mouse is one of the best things to happen in a notebook mouse. For people with large hands, it means you can take a small mouse with you and transform it into something much more usable.

The buttons have a pretty standard click sound. The scroll wheel is quality and each tick makes a single scroll. We don't like when a tick of the wheel doesn't correspond to a single scroll. The one loud thing about this mouse is the scroll click. You'll hear it. Check the video to hear it. Compared to the normal buttons, this has a noticeable loudness to it.

Other than the few tracking issues, the mouse is solid and has a good feel.

Aron Schatz (me) is the star of this video review. We'll have some new faces, eventually. Please give us some feedback on how these videos are coming along. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, as well. Keep informed and stay tuned.


The MSRP of the Choiix Cruiser is $24.99 which is an outstanding price for a notebook mouse of this caliber. The innovation that Cooler Master placed into the Cruiser in the form of the high profile setting is amazing and is one of the best things to happen to notebook mice in awhile. We only noticed tracking issues on a few surfaces, the majority were fine. I can safely say that this will be in my laptop bag for some time to come. ASE Labs wholly recommends the Choiix Cruiser notebook mouse.

Perhaps Cooler Master will release a new version some time that incorporates a laser tracking engine to fix the tracking issues we found. If that happens, this would be the best notebook mouse we've tried. Remember, input devices are very subjective. Even though I liked the Cruiser, you may not. Be sure to try before you buy, if possible. This mouse has just been released and may not be available for some time, please be sure to check back for links on where to purchase the Cruiser.

ASE Labs would like to thank Cooler Master for making this review possible.


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