Flexiglow FX Game Pad

Aron Schatz
December 17, 2003
Flexiglow FX Game Pad
Another mouse pad review creeks up at ASE Labs. This one is unique as it has a lighted base. Does it hold its own to get you to spend the money to buy it? Read this to find out.

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Now I said I wouldn't be reviewing another mouse pad for awhile... but this one just arrived at my doorstep one day. Flexiglow may be a good company, but I usually need to give the okay to get something sent for review. Basically they're lucky I'm even doing it! Anyway, onto the next mouse pad review... a lighted one.


<center>Front Back</center>

Here we go with everyone's favorite filler section... It is pretty!! It would probably get RudeMoody's attention... (He has an attention span of a 6 year old).



Here we see the stuff that comes in the packaging. You get the pad, some instructions (plug in and go) and some extra sticky feet.


The pad is held in place by four sticky feet on the bottom that are rubber (read: high coefficient of friction). The problem is, is that the pad is raised a bit off the place you are using the mouse. After I got used to the polymer Steelpad, it was a chore moving to this pad, but doable.


You activate the different color lights by pressing the button that is very inconveniently placed on the pad. I found myself actually hitting this raised button sometimes, but after I got used to it, I hit it less and less.

The pad was responsive and tracking was great. As a normal mouse pad, this is good. I don't like the raisedness of it though. I like as flat as possible. Other than that, the pad is great. The other thing is it takes up a USB port, and if you're like me, you don't really have any to spare. A simple USB hub would do, but that would add more clutter to an already clutteredness desk.

<B>The Lights</B>:

<center>Light 1 Light 2 Light 3</center>

You are buying this pad for this feature, I mean come on. If you would consider it for anything else... don't. And yes, the lights work as expected. There are 7 lights, plus the every light mode that alternates different lights. All in all, it looks pretty cool in the dark (RudeMoody would probably get drawn to it like a moth). The lighting is scattered by a bunch of bubbles in the polymer shell (perhaps polystyrene?). This is reminiscent of the Flexiglow bubble lights.


What the hell is with mouse pads costing <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com/">$40</a>? I mean, sure it would a good novelty gift for the geek in your heart, or the person that has everything (but not this). Regardless, the mouse pad works as expected. Now it is up to you to spend $40 on a mouse pad or buy a $5 (or less) and then go out for a good meal with the money you saved... the choice is yours.

I'd like to thank Daniel from <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com/">Flexiglow</a> for sending this for review.


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