Logitech Click! Plus Wireless Mouse

Aron Schatz
November 12, 2003
We take a look at another Logitech wireless mouse. While not as indepth as the MX700, this mouse is very good at the market it targets. Read on as Madcat dives into the Click! Plus from Logitech.

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With an explosion of wireless input peripherals hitting the market recently, users have but to choose between the various features available. One of those manufacturers that has long been in the forefront of developing new products and that is <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a>. One of their newer mice products to inhabit thier lineup is the Cordless Click! Plus Optical mouse, which will be the subject of this review.


- The Cordless Click! Plus uses Logitech's Fast RF cordless technology which delivers a higher transmission rate and lower latency times of previous cordless mice.
- 6 buttons/wheel which includes thier Quick Switch Program Selector button which is mounted on top of the mouse and allows you to quickly call up various programs that you may have running from within a small popup menu.
- Ergonomic design
- Improved optical sensor for more precise control and surface readability
- 5 year warranty



The mouse comes in the standard and unmistakable Logitech green and white packaging, which I found to be quite sturdy and I think even the professional box mutilators at UPS would have a tough time trying to damage your purchase if you ordered this puppy online.



Inside you have your mouse, a base RF reciever with USB to PS/2 adapter, 2 AA duracell batteries, manual and CD. No surprises here.


Setup was basically a snap from my Windows XP box, which already had Logitechs's Mouseware program loaded in since I usually use Logitech's Dual Optical Mouseman. After plugging in the base via the USB, XP properly detected and installed the drivers.

The CD contained a relatively new version of thier Mouseware, which covers the Windows 98 through XP OS's and an older version for those users using Win 95.

The manual was a basically cut and dry affair, with clear and easy to use pictures of your setup procedures, but nothing much else.

Once I was plugged in all I had to do was to press the connect buttons on the top of the base and on the bottom of the mouse and away I went to the Mouseware configuration setup.

The Mouseware software has a very easy to use setup interface and easily allows you to easily select whatever option you desire for button assignments for the mouses 6 buttons/wheel or just leave them at the already pre-loaded defaults. The available options to select from number quite a few from the list and should just about any users needs. You also have a menu tab to keep track of how much power you have left in your batteries. The rest of the tabs in the menu provide you with the standard MS customization options for pointers, motion and the like.


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