Logitech MX Duo

Aron Schatz
November 4, 2003
The best combo of keyboard and mouse, ever. Read this now, before you try to buy another set.

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In the MX700 Review, I told you how far we have come since my first wireless RF mouse excursion. Remember that we need to put up with things like power requirements and response time. With the MX700 cleaning up the floor with all the current RF technology mice. Pairing this great mouse up with the extraordinary Elite wireless keyboard was a guarantied success. Let's go through it.

If you want to have a read on some background of my experience with wireless mice, check out the MX700 review.



The box is the standard Green and White Logitech box. Branding is key for Logitech, this is unmistakable.



The parts laid out. What you get: The keyboard, the mouse, the driver CD, some paperwork, the armrest, the base station, two 1700 mAh batteries, two Duracell AA batteries, and the AC adapter.

<B>The Base Station</B>:

<center>Base 1 Base 2</center>

Like in the last review, the base station is also the charger, no multiple things cluttering up the desk. This time, the base station also has some indicator lights on it for the keyboard functionality. It has the cap locks, num locks and the FLOCK indicator (I like the FLOCK indicator, don't you like to FLOCK?). The base is silver and black, as is the rest of the stuff.
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<B>The Mouse</B>:


You can reference my previous MX700 review, because the mouse is exactly the same. I will go over some of the finer points of the mouse regardless. It is not for left handed people. It is silver and black. The buttons on the entire mouse are well positioned, and I really started to use the up and down buttons. These are great. The position of the back and forward button are key as well. They are positioned perfectly.

I also like how the whole top is one piece, there is not going to be a button depreciation problem here (like my intellimouse explorer).

<center>Mouse Bottom</center>

I actually forgot to show you the bottom of the mouse in the last review. You'll see the connect button here as well as the contacts for the charger.

<B>The Keyboard</B>:


This is a horrible shot for some reason. I don't know why it came out so bad. Anyway, you can reference my Logitech Elite Duo review for this keyboard anyway. There are subtle differences anyway.

For the first, the greys are now Silver and just look nicer. The second, the keys are quieter than the other keyboard, but it is still responsive.

There are no indicator lights on the keyboard, but this is a good thing so to not waste an ounce of power lighting a pretty useless light. Since they are on the base station, it is all good anyway.

<center>Extra Buttons 2 Extra Buttons 3 Extra buttons 1</center>

The extra buttons on the keyboard. You'd be surprised, but I like them. I use the volume more than anything. The scroll wheel on the left side...

<center>Extra Buttons 4</center>

... Is pretty useless for me. It basically acts as an up down on the keyboard, it isn't a normal scrolly type thing (like the mouse wheel).

<center>Keyboard Back</center>

The bottom of the keyboard. Nothing much to say really, you've got the batteries and the connect button. And some warnings and acknowledgements.

The spacing of the keys has not changed. Like I said before, the keys are quieter, and it is noticeable if you are switching keyboards. You'll get used to it fast. I actually use both sets of keyboards.


What can I say, the keyboard and the mouse I have used before. Both are great, both were great by themselves and like I said before, the combination is perfect. I've been using this keyboard and mouse combo for the past three weeks and there has not been a problem I can think of or have noticed. The mouse lasts very long. I left it overnight and even while I was at work and it stilled had a good amount of charge left. The keyboard will last a few months before the batteries need to be replaced. Good work Logitech.


<a href="http://ase.dealtime.com/dt-app/SE/KW-logitech%20mx%20duo/FD-0/linkin_id-3002062/NS-1/GS.html">For around $80, you can have this combo</a>. It is a worthwhile addition to the MX700 mouse and I know that if you buy this combo, you will kiss yourself. It is absolutely the best combination of keyboard and mouse I have ever seen, period.

<center><img src="http://www.aselabs.com/images/awards/1.gif"></center>

I'd like to thank Nathan from <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a> for sending this for review.


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