Logitech MX Duo

Aron Schatz
November 4, 2003
The best combo of keyboard and mouse, ever. Read this now, before you try to buy another set.

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In the MX700 Review, I told you how far we have come since my first wireless RF mouse excursion. Remember that we need to put up with things like power requirements and response time. With the MX700 cleaning up the floor with all the current RF technology mice. Pairing this great mouse up with the extraordinary Elite wireless keyboard was a guarantied success. Let's go through it.

If you want to have a read on some background of my experience with wireless mice, check out the MX700 review.



The box is the standard Green and White Logitech box. Branding is key for Logitech, this is unmistakable.



The parts laid out. What you get: The keyboard, the mouse, the driver CD, some paperwork, the armrest, the base station, two 1700 mAh batteries, two Duracell AA batteries, and the AC adapter.

<B>The Base Station</B>:

<center>Base 1 Base 2</center>

Like in the last review, the base station is also the charger, no multiple things cluttering up the desk. This time, the base station also has some indicator lights on it for the keyboard functionality. It has the cap locks, num locks and the FLOCK indicator (I like the FLOCK indicator, don't you like to FLOCK?). The base is silver and black, as is the rest of the stuff.


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