Logitech MX 700 Wireless Mouse

Aron Schatz
October 24, 2003
Top of the line performance at a price that most people can accept. You get a great deal of value with this wireless mouse. Quite possibly the best mouse on the market, is it worth your money? Read on to find out.

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Optical mice are nothing new, hell, even wireless mice are pretty much standard. The problem is the technology used to operate the wireless optical device and the power that the device needs to operate. If either of these technologies didn't depend on the other, then wireless would be more prevalent than it is. Alas, it is dependant, so we are forced to look to alternative ways to power and drive these devices. The <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a> MX 700 is a great example of the best in wireless optical technology, with no problems with power sources. Let's find out if this mouse is worth the cost.


Remember when wireless mice had to be line of sight? No more! Even the cheapest of the wireless mice are RF (Radio Frequency). Most of the cheap mice have a very limited range, due to the power that it takes to power the RF antenna. Creating an Electromagnetic wave is pretty power consuming, you need to vary the current in the antenna to get the wave. New technologies are coming down the pike to make the current less and less, but nevertheless, the principle is still the same.


<center>Box Front Box Back</center>

The box is pretty much the standard white and green Logitech box. There is really no mistaking a box from Logitech. Good branding.



The parts that come in the box; The Mouse, the base station, 2 1700 mAh NiMH batteries, Manual and CD, and the AC adapter. I'll go into them more in depth.

<B>The Charger</B>:

<center>Mouse and Charger</center>

The charger also happens to be the wireless receiver. This is good because you only need one device on your desk, and you always leave it near the mouse and just drop it on the charger. The charger is silver and black, the only button is the connect button. The unit is shaped nice and curvy.
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<B>The Mouse</B>:

<center>Mouse 2</center>

Left handed people need not apply for this one. This mouse is totally design for right handed people (Sorry!). The mouse is also curved and shaped. The top is made of a single piece, the buttons are not separate pieces. I actually like this method. On my Intellimouse Explorer, the buttons eventually become more depressed (Fatigued) as the mouse is used. The top is plasticy feeling, while the sides are a bit more frictiony rubberish type of material.

<center>Mouse 3</center>

The top and front of the mouse show the one piece design of the top. The mouse wheel area is also very unique, I haven't seen any other mouse use an up and down button, as well as the wheel. Immediately, I starting using these buttons. The center button... I still have no idea what it does. I'm sure it does something, but I don't like proprietary software, so I don't load any. In the top center of the mouse is the single LED indicator. It will turn red when it needs to be charged, and while on the charger will blink green, and then steady green till it is fully charge. The mouse wheel is self is responsive, but not too tight as it is a chore to move the wheel. It is a good balance.

<center>Mouse 4</center>

The left side of the mouse is where the final two buttons are. They are the forward and backward button. Placed just above where you would put your thumb in the carefully molded thumb space, they are very easy to click with little movement needed. The forward button is a bit more difficult to press, but it is not a problem at all, you'll just fish for it more.

<center>Mouse on the charger</center>

This is how the mouse sits on the charger, and while your not using it, just leave it there. The NiMH batteries don't have the memory effect, but Lithium batteries are better. Regardless, I bet you could use Li-Ion batteries, but I wasn't about to try.


I've been using the mouse for about two weeks now at school and at home on a variety of surfaces. Let me just say that this mouse is flawless, response time is on par (or better) with my wired Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer v3. The thing that plagued early generation wireless mice is the response time, even low power driven mice have this problem. Thanks to the large rechargeable batteries, this mouse doesn't need to conserve power and sacrifice speed. The MX type optical sensor is basically a 4.7 megapixel per second camera taking shots and then calculating where the movement is and what direction. When you think about it, optical technology is pretty amazing. There is virtually nothing wrong with this mouse as a normal or gaming mouse. The mouse lasts for over 11 hours on a full charge, and it also is good at saving a mouse you forget to put back on the charger.


<a href="http://ase.dealtime.com/dt-app/SE/KW-logitech mx 700/FD-0/linkin_id-3002062/NS-1/GS.html">Price around $55-60</a>, this mouse is absolutely a must have. I see no reason not to get it. Sure it may be more expensive than other mice, but you really get what you pay for. The MX optical sensor, coupled with the no lag makes this mouse a real winner. Once you try this mouse for yourself, you'll never go back to any other mouse, wired or otherwise.

<center><img src="http://www.aselabs.com/images/awards/2.gif"></center>

I'd like to thank Nathan at <a href="http://www.logitech.com">Logitech</a> for sending this mouse for review.


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